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One Touch Of Dearness: The Change Of Your Nervous System

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When: April 30, 2016
Afternoon Meeting

Q: The tenderness and beauty that I know within is so easy to be in when I’m alone, and with some people it is easy. With others it’s much more difficult!

John: That’s where it matters more.

Q: There are a couple of people in my life that are pushing my buttons in a way that I have no control over, and I need your help.

John: The buttons that they push are the buttons that you don’t need.

Q: So what should I do when this particular person says something and this huge wave rises up in me? Do I get up and leave?

John: No. When a button is pushed, that’s your dear cue, your dear signal, to let go of all personal sovereignty everywhere. Any button someone pushes, they can have. As soon as it’s pushed, you give it up.

Q: I understand this in theory but what do I do when I feel hurt or misused? Do I hug them? Do I do anything? Just keep sitting there?

John: Be hugged by a touch of dearness in you while letting go of everything else. You’re no longer hugging your sense of self. You’re abandoned into being hugged by a touch of dearness. It puts you back into balance.

What you’re agreeing with, within that touch of dearness and letting go of everything else of your self, is that even one touch of dearness matters more than all you think, all you feel, all of your emotions and all of your will. It matters more than your whole nervous system, and there you’re being the truth you know, in a self and in a nervous system that isn’t like that yet.

Give it some time and it changes. Change is the way of form. What you’re being in it determines the direction of that change.

You can be the button that’s pushed, and you’ll empower illusion that’s right there, present and in form. Or, in the midst of any and all buttons pushed, you can be one touch of dearness. There, your direction of embodiment has shifted. It’s only a matter of time, and it’s going to show. 

Any button that is pushed tells you what you don’t belong to anymore. 

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