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Deeper Sexuality: Communicating the Entire Span of Awareness

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When: February 23, 2014
Morning Meeting

Q1: I recently listened to a CD in which you were saying that sexuality goes as deep as the being goes and much, much deeper than I’ve understood it to go.

John: That’s good. There’s room for awakening.

Q1: Is sexuality a way to ground something deeper in physical reality?

John: Yes.

Q1: I’m starting to see greater and greater meaning in it, more than I had experienced before.

John: The greatest potential for communication between the two of you is within your sexuality because it goes as deep as you can possibly awaken, spanning all the way through the levels, all the way to the surface. You’re able to give form to that entire span through your body.

Q1: You mean through all the levels, like the continuity of meaning?

John: You’re able to make physical the deepest levels within when the two of you are together. You’re able to communicate all of that. You’re able to pour all of that.

Q1: So is it good to really tell him that it’s important? We all more or less have our moments when we’re in the mood, or not, but when something is really important, it’s different.

John: It’s the highest point of a relationship. It’s where communication is direct and it requires no filters or boundaries. You don’t need your self to communicate, to communicate directly. You don’t need your day and you don’t need your past. You do need your body: you need each other, and all of the deeper levels.

Q1: And the deeper levels go as deep as anything?

John: Yes. Anything that you can be aware in can be expressed through your deeper sexuality. In that way you’re able to communicate what you’re coming from directly to him and into him. If he’s with you and he’s reading you and he’s receiving you, you’re able to do a direct download directly into him. In that way you can bypass any learning curve.

Q2: And what do you download?

John: What you’ve awakened to, into the other.

Q2: If we’re open, we can receive it, and be aware of that as well?

John: Yes.

Q2: And that’s the communication then?

John: You can communicate without the physical, but then such communication won’t include the physical.

Q2: To be able to download that, you need to go into what you’re awakened to?

John: You have to be open beyond your own awakening, awareness being open to what it doesn’t yet know.

Q2: While you’re together?

John: Awareness knows to be open.

Q2: So you have be able to take care of all the practical things that are occurring together so that you aren’t distracted from what’s deeper?

John: You can multi-task a little bit.

Q2: Normally when we’re together, there are always things that are not integrated in my self. I lapse in what’s deeper and I’m going into something that is not integrated yet, but as I integrate softness of heart in all of that, it doesn’t take me out and I’m staying with being open to what’s deeper than my self.

John: Then when you’re together, what you are is openness and softness. You’re not you in your self.

Q2: And from there you start to communicate?

John: Yes.

Q2: And what is the direction, what is the beneficiary, or where does it go to?

John: First, your deeper levels, the deeper levels of your body.

Q2: So when I’m trying to communicate in that way it will move into my deeper levels?

John: The beneficiary is awakening. Awakening benefits.

Q2: What is awakening?

John: The deeper levels in you, you in levels where you haven’t been aware before. You don’t need to understand it — you just go.

Q3: Like what you said to me: as soon as you know, you respond?

John: Yes.

Q3: When I’m moving and responding while physically making love, I feel like he gets it just by connecting on deeper levels. All of a sudden he starts expressing what I know in my heart. On a verbal level, we can’t really always talk about it, but there’s also a longing to make love on a verbal level, to make love where you talk to one another. Is that relevant?

John: Yes. When you really are interacting from within a deeper level when you’re physical together, you awaken into more. Then, when you are together in your selves and in your persons, you’ll be importing into your self and into your person what the two of you came into when you were physically together and moving as deeper levels.

Q3: And how do we bring that into our surface life?

John: You apply in your selves later, coming from your deeper levels and making them physical together, is the highest point of your relationship. In your day, that’s your reset. You come together and you reset to the deepest you’re capable of. You come out of that reset and it becomes applicable in your self and in your person. It will apply In your day and it affects how you are with others.

Q3: Does it automatically apply in your day without your realizing it?

John: If the deeper levels don’t matter to you more than your self, you won’t apply it in your self. The more it matters, the more you’ll naturally apply it. It’s uncomfortable to apply it because it will make your self vulnerable. You’ll be more open in your self than you are comfortable with.

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