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Walking within the Decrease

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When: April 17, 2014
Morning Meeting

Q1: Do I need pressure all the time to stay in my heart?

John: No, when you’re in your heart and you come under pressure that brings out the depth of your being in your heart. If it doesn’t bring out the depth, then the pressure is going to pull you out of your heart and into your self.

Q: The pressure puts me into my heart, it seems.

John: If pressure pushes you into your heart it’s because, deep within, that’s what you first care about. The pressure shows you that. It doesn’t actually put you into your heart.

Q2: In relation to that, could you speak about ‘making hay while the sun shines’ or making best use of what we’re coming into?

John: We need to be in the increase all the time. Being in the increase within the increase is a completely different kind of increase than being in the increase within the decrease. The tendency is to enjoy the feeling of the increase instead of being at its cutting edge. Being in the increase within the increase is really pushing the increase. You’re not just riding this wonderful wave, you’re at the very point of the arrow.

Q2: Being in the increase in the decrease is much more about learning about the subtlety?

John: In the midst of really difficult weather, where it seems that with every step forward, you’re going backwards.

Q2: But something is still there?

John: Yes, and moving forward.

Q2: That’s what brings it all together?

John: Being in the increase within the decrease is like walking west on a train that’s going east. There seems no point to it because it’s not going to make a real difference, but if you know to walk west on an east moving train then you’re walking west.

Q2: Even if all of your experience is you’re going east?

John: Yes.

Q2: And you really are going west, not east?

John: Yes. In your heart you know you’re going west.

Q3: That’s when you know you’re in the matrix!

Q1: Going west on an east moving train, is that done through surrender, despite knowing how hard it seems?

John: Yes. You’ll move forward in what you know even if it seems that nothing is going well.

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