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Closing the Holes in Your Self

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When: August 30, 2013
Morning Meeting

Q: You said to me last time that you saw a lot of holes.

John: In your self.

Q: Yes, can you say more of what you meant by that?

John: That you’re able to close them. You close them by not using them. You use them by relating to the energy that moves through them, and when you’re relating to that energy, it keeps the hole open. If you don’t relate to the energy that moves through that hole, the energy doesn’t move through, so then the hole, on its own in your self, slowly starts to heal. As it heals, it closes. Then you’re able to hold energy and pressure. You’re able to hold goodness energy without leaking it out, out of the habit of leaking energy out of your self because of how you relate in your self. It’s a difficult process and if you don’t do it, it will never happen.

Q: I’m always telling you that I don’t feel that I have control.

John: Then do it where you do have control.

Q: Even if it seems very slight?

John: If you can’t pick up a hundred pounds, pick up what you’re able to and don’t stop. Keep doing it and eventually it’s going to make you stronger. Eventually you’ll pick up a hundred pounds. You’re body functions this way and so does your self. If you have never worked out before and you decide to start working out, all you’re going to experience is everything that’s not working. It will feel to you that your body is not made for working out. But you do what you can and you don’t stop; you just stay with it and then you see the changes. Your body will change. It will function differently and it will look different.

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