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Integrating Your Emotions

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When: July 4, 2013
Morning Meeting

Q: I’m having a really hard time here. I’m having so many ups and downs and there is a war between the mind and the knowing.

John: The battle of the ages.

Q: One day I’m so clearly in the knowing and the next day I’m so drawn up into my mind, and I can’t find my way back.

John: But only one of them you know the truth of, so then that settles that part.

Q: But I’m not sure I do.

John: That doesn’t mean you’ll settle it, but it is settled. It’s actually settled which one is true, which one is worth listening to.

Q: I’m not clear what to do when the tsunami wave of the mind comes.

John: What you know.

Q: What I know? So with everyone it’s different? There’s not a recipe?

John: Whatever you would do in your life, with your life, when your heart is full of what you know and your hands are off of your heart, do what that is when you have a barrage of things taking place in your mind. When there are different hits, different storms, then the hits and the storms don’t slow you down. They don’t stop you from doing what you know. It just makes it a lot harder.

Q: So just continuing with what you know even though it’s all going on? Is that the same with really strong emotions?

John: Your emotions cannot inform you of the truth. Your emotions inform you of what you are emotionally experiencing in your self, so your emotions inform you of your self. They give you an idea of what’s happening in your self and they give you an idea of your self, a picture of your self.

Q: But in a deeper sense, they don’t have any function in terms of the being? Even if the being is awakened, the emotions don’t have another, deeper function?

John: Your emotional body is what you have for the stronger and more vibrant energies of your being to manifest in your person.

Q: Through the emotional body?

John: The tendency is that you come into that stronger, emotional response that can come from your own being. Then, as soon as you’re in your emotional body, all it takes is for anything to happen in your life, or in a relationship, or in your self, and you’ll step over to a negative emotion. When you’re in your emotional body, it reveals what isn’t integrated yet in your self.

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