Olympic Love Team

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When: January 6, 2013
Morning Meeting

Q1: I see an opportunity to go past myself, to bring the relationship to a different level and step into my high level womanness. I could see ourselves like a rocket going up, and I have told my husband about it.

John: Don’t expect to have an experience like that again to carry you. You need to identify the subtlety you knew the truth of in that experience. Then you need to take that subtlety into your self and let it move and control your self, instead of your self being controlled by the patterning in your body. For the two of you to come into this is for you to become an Olympic Love Team. That means there is a level of seriousness that is really extreme. If you’re on an Olympic team its just training, training, training; it never stops.

Q1: It’s a responsibility.

John: It’s that kind of seriousness in which, if you’re an Olympic Love Team and everything is about cutting edges, there will be many cutting edges and you’ll be working on all of them just like any kind of team that comes to training. Everyday they’re in training and there’s no let up. You can’t say ‘oh well, maybe not today.’

Q1: I felt that we started that. There was seriousness, and he initiated. What really helped was to not go into the past, just really go for it. I felt that some of the structures were cracking in me.

John: When you’re serious your structures will give way. Your patterning will give way. When you’re not serious, your patterning just sits there. It’s like a child. You can draw a line and say something, and a child can tell you if you’re serious or not. If the child can see that you’re not really serious, it will go toward that line. If it can see in you that you are only serious, it’s not going to be playing with that line because you’re clear. If you’re that serious, your patterns can give way. If you’re not that serious, then your patterns stay.

Q1: I have seen the difference. If I’m totally clear and not going into any emotions inside my self it’s almost like a vertical subtlety, really straight but at the same time soft, and I’m very clear how we can come together. When I speak from that place, he hears me better. I’m so serious, I’m not giving in to my self at all.

John: If you’re doing that, he knows the difference because if it’s real in you, right away he recognizes this is really different, and you have his attention.

Q2: Is there more that I can do? I’d like to do more but I’m not sure I can. I’m just trying to do my best in finding our way together. I thought it was my heart and that I’m not really sensing or picking up the signals enough.

John: If you’re training hard you’ll get through it; you’ll figure it out and you’ll make it happen. If you’re training hard, you’ll try ten things that don’t work but that doesn’t stop anything.

Q1: Because we’ve been together so long?

John: It’s because you’re that serious about making all of this happen.

Q1: To really give it form?

Q2: The difficulty is because we are serious?

John: The basic difficulty is because of not being serious. When you are deadly serious, you come into the actual difficulty, which is different than all of the difficulty that you had before.Then you are in real and actual difficulty.

Q1: That’s what I realized yesterday in the meeting. I wrote it down: “we’re actually in real difficulty” and I was happy about it. I’ve never been happy about a difficulty.

John: There’s stupid difficulty and real difficulty. Stupid difficulty is when you’re not serious. You can tell when someone is climbing the stairs to go over the diving board. You know whether they are serious or not. When it’s clear to you that they are not serious, you know they may as well not try because the true intention is absent. There’s another kind of person, and you can tell as soon as they start climbing the ladder that that person is going through a very difficult time, but they’re serious and committed. You can see the difference.

Q1: Listening to this gives me so much joy; it keeps opening my heart.

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