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John de Ruiter Podcast 423

John de Ruiter Podcast 423

You Only Have This Moment: Making Precious Use of Present Time

When: March 25, 2003 @ 12:00am
Where: ,
In life, we really have only this moment to be what we came here to be. Life will bring both great and small events from which we can learn, creating opportunities to realize and match our highest calling.
“For you to make precious use of the present time requires you to be both profoundly serious and profoundly relaxed, having a gentle focus within that is clearly un-distractible.”
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Podcast Transcript

You Only Have This Moment: Making Precious Use of Present Time

Q: Hi John. Last week my mother died and I was wishing so much that she can see you one time, and I feel in a way guilty that I was not helping enough to find another solution or support for her healing. I feel so guilty not to be what I know. Is there something you can see which can support me? Somehow there is not the trust that she is in the light, dancing and celebrating. Maybe you can also help me to see this more clearly.

John: It isn’t for you to be seeing that more clearly. What you are speaking of does have meaning. But its meaning is so secondary. What is primarily meaningful is what you are being. If you are not being that first, then everything other than that you will use to distract your self from that. There is truth in what you’re saying, but it is not the highest truth. You can be in what you are in but from within a higher and a deeper beingness.

When something larger happens to you, that is for you a special opportunity to realize more. When something larger happens to you there will be much more pulling within you. You can use such pull to distract your self or you can let it help you realize more deeply. It is the same thing with every little thing that happens to you. Learn from what is larger because within that it is easier to see, and then apply that to everything smaller, where it is so much easier to not see.

For this to take place in you, you only have the present time. There is no other time. For you to make precious use of the present time requires you to be both profoundly serious and profoundly relaxed, having a gentle focus within that is clearly un-distractible, giving you the greatest potential for present realization, giving you new seeing, the kind of new and fresh seeing that puts you in awe. It puts you in awe because you know that you are seeing: not seeing something old, but seeing a little bit of newness that changes all of your thinking, that shifts everything in you.

The present time is the only time that you will ever have to really shift. Most everything exists to, in some way, really cover that. There is a little bit within you that always exists to really uncover that. All that is required is for the whole of you to be joined with that little bit. If you’re not existing for that then you will exist covering that.

This doesn’t require intensity; it only requires, gently, everything. If there is intensity, that means that part of you is missing. If the whole of you is in it then it requires no strength. Profound seriousness in it doesn’t mean the use of strength. It only means that the whole of you is moving in one direction, gently un-distractible.

The more relaxed you are in that, the more deeply you are connected with where you know you came from, an essence rather than an idea. Everything that happens in your life isn’t meant to distract you; it’s meant to help you. But it won’t help you unless you are being clear. The clearer you are being, the more everything helps. Exist to realize, and as you realize exist to apply it. Profound beingness giving itself form. It is as easy to escape this as it is to find it.

Everything depends on what you, as awareness, are actually living for. You really will give form to everything that you are presently being. Let your beingness so fully match the highest calling in you with nothing distracting. Let your whole life fit into that, instead of you fitting that into your life: all belonging to the everything that is in the little.

You have one moment to be this all the time. Profound means all in one moment, profound honesty, profound clarity. You have the capacity to be all of your awareness at once, quietly. Either everything helps or everything distracts. The direction is actually up to you. Everything will reflect back to you how you are doing. All of awareness focused without the use of strength or intensity. All of awareness focused because it is relaxed and knowing; you simply being where you came from, and you being that in everything else.

Don’t waste your time in all the ways that are presented to you. Remember that time isn’t yours; it also belongs to the same from where you came. You are here for a reason and it is not for what you think. It really is for what you know.

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