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John de Ruiter Podcast 424

John de Ruiter Podcast 424

Living from Your Core: The Way Back To Your Inner Sunshine

When: April 22, 2018 @ 2:00pm
Where: ,
What does it take to return to the genuineness of a child after years of covering it up? John describes the fundamental shift that, sustained, returns us to the sunshine at our core.
“When you’re simply being your core, what takes place in your emotional body will all change. Then when you smile it’s because there really is sunshine inside.”
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Podcast Transcript

Living from Your Core: The Way Back To Your Inner Sunshine

Q: Earlier, you mentioned watching a child losing its genuine smile, and that genuine emotion and moving into knowing that it could use that in a disingenuous way. I could really see in my childhood the moment that that happened. Many times I’ve thought that my emotions are untrustworthy, that all of those things after that happened had just been constructed as a way to protect my self. And you had given another example of someone on their deathbed and a child coming in and bringing genuineness into that, where it can lighten the mood in the room just because it’s a genuine emotion that a child brings. How do I begin to peel back those constructs to get back to that genuine place that a child comes from?

John: Don’t peel them back; you’ll find all of your reasons not to. Instead of peeling them back, be deep, quiet, pure golden realness that’s underneath it all. Be that unconditionally and at any personal expense, and everything that is not that will, on its own, dry up and fall off.

Being the deep, quiet real within means that you give that all of your power. You give it your belief and everything else of yours that has become actual through you believing what you didn’t know the truth of will no longer have a life supply. It won’t have a power supply and because it isn’t real, on its own, it will cease to exist without you doing anything with it, whereas the real – if you separate from the real, live being other than that which is real – won’t cease to exist. It wouldn’t matter how much you cover it up, how much you live separate from it, without it, it stays real, but all covered up. If you’re being the core of that, that you return to being that core, that core isn’t going to peel anything back. It isn’t going to deal with your self. What it will do, within the whole field of your self, is live.

Q: That sounds so simple but I know that in that there’s a sense of loss, a rediscovering of that core person that sounds beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

John: The sense of loss isn’t real. What is terrifying in waking up isn’t real. The sense of feeling terrified and any sense of loss comes from you holding something in your self that isn’t what you really are. The sense of loss is a false emotion.

When you’re being your core, simply being your core, nothing else, instead of the emotion of loss, a sense of loss, what will come in as a fruit of what you really are is joy, peace. You don’t need any of it, but it will still come. You won’t treat it as yours. You won’t treat it as yours because you don’t need it, so all of the fruit that grows on your tree, you’ll give to others. Your emotional body is like a tree. Whatever you are being in that tree determines what grows on the tree. It determines the whole life of the tree.

As your core life source shifts, what takes place in your emotional body will all change. Your emotional body will reflect this real core of yours because you’re being it. Then when you smile it’s because there really is sunshine inside.

Any emotion that doesn’t nurture isn’t real. It’s actually there because of what you’re being in your emotional body. Any emotion that doesn’t nurture isn’t real, but it’s actual, and it’s there because it’s a reflection of how you relate, how you relate to your self, how you relate to others.

When your way of being within fundamentally shifts and you sustain it because it has your heart, it fills your heart, then instead of your emotional body being somewhat like a prickle bush, with just a little bit of time, it will turn into a fruit tree. That’s law. Whatever you are being is what you produce in your self. It’ll have form so that you can see it.

What all of that really points to, when you’re quieted within, is to everything that’s deeper than your self – at very least, your heart. From there, all of the humanness that fills; deeper than that, the streams of your being move your heart and your humanness.

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