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Year: 2010

Q: What is a relationship for? What is its purpose? John: A relationship is for bringing the deepest knowledge and the deepest levels, within, all the way through into being functional in your self, which is not just the making, then, of a new…

When you awaken to what is deeper than your self, you find that your self isn’t at the centre of everything, it’s not the main focus. When you believe this awakening, you go through a profound shift, and your self begins to match your deeper levels. As you continue to awaken, your self turns into a deeper and a higher self. A beautiful and elaborate teaching about how to sustain your awakening, keep developing, and function in this world.

Q: Your talk about beauty touched something deep within. My whole childhood I felt ugly. Now I’m beginning to experience more beauty inside and outside. I’ve never felt a victim. I developed certain patterns that helped along the way. Trust is quite a big…

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