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Your Sexual Arousal Belongs to Your Being

When: January 5, 2018 @ 9:30pm
Where: ,

The great potential of our deeper sexuality to manifest in our lovemaking all depends on dearness, being given to the heart and our real humanness. This talk introduces the connection between a woman’s sexual anatomy, arousal, and the sexual fields that lie just beyond self-oriented, polarized sexuality.

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Video Transcript

Q: I loved when you spoke about linking the inner and outer sexual fields and I feel that’s exactly what I’m missing. I have a sense of my inner and outer fields, or some of them, but I don’t know how to link it, especially in love-making, and so I wanted to ask you if you could say more about how to link it?

John: Through dearness.

Q: So far I try to link my sexuality to my beingness …

John: Through dearness.

Q: And can you say something about the difference of those inner and outer sexual fields? My sense is there is more fusion in there. Can you say what’s so specific about that?

John: There are several points on the inside and several points on the outside of your sexual anatomy, representing fields, sexual fields, that belong to your being, and given to your heart and everything deeper, your being comes into them, bringing into form the powers of your humanness that inform your self of what’s real.

Q: Why is it important to link them as opposed to just relating to?

John: They naturally link together on their own, with any movement of being. What breaks the linking is when you relate to your sexual arousal through attraction or aversion. When it’s your inner beingness that has your sexual arousal, the other sexual fields that you’re not even aware of, begin linking. As they are linking together, the cohesive flow of them comes right into your arousal. If you switch to any self-orientation, the linking comes apart. But if you remain in uneducated dearness…

Q: Did you say “uneducated”?

John: Dearness, not educated by anything of your past, dearness not educated by what you’ve experienced, then the linking not only continues, but all manifests in your arousal that freely moves your humanness, moves your humanness with a power that all of the powers of your self are incapable of.

As all of the numerous sexual fields link together, without any polarized interruption, that’s what brings up the ever-so-deep, black dragon of love in you.

Q: Is polarization any like or dislike in my self, not necessarily leading to physicality?

John: The liking is really fine. As you move freely in the liking, that will expose any relationship to your self that’s polarized. As you move in the liking, you will discover the dislike. Being in the liking makes you vulnerable, in your self, to your relationship to dislike. It’s a little like moving in positive emotions. As you move freely in them, the higher that you move in them, the more set-up you are. The higher that you move in them, the less it will take to switch you, where you make a micro-choice, it’s polarized, that hurls you into negative emotions.

As you start to see that pattern, the tendency is to be wary of being freed in positive emotion to avoid being cast into negativity. As you move in the emotional field, any little thing that comes up that you don’t like flips the emotional field into negativity. You are to freely move in the emotional field in the way that your being moves, regardless of what that may bring up in you that you haven’t dealt with in your self. Move freely in the liking and you start to see into the liking that has no opposite.

Liking is really a movement of being in your self. As that brings up any dislike, then drop a level deeper within the liking. Dearness naturally takes you there.

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