Are You Ready For The Ultimate Truth?

In this dialogue, a young man says he’s ready for ultimate truth, and learns from John what that would actually require.

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Video Transcript

With John de Ruiter from the February 22, 2019 Rishikesh, India Event

Q: I am ready for the ultimate truth.

John: What makes you ready is you being gentled and quieted in your heart, unconditionally, in every relationship you have with everything, everyone, and your self – all of that at any personal expense. It readies you for what is ultimate because it clears you of everything that isn’t ultimate. That level of deep inner quietude, in the midst of anything, cleans you of your beliefs, your core beliefs. It cleans you of your subconsciousness.

Q: For a character like me that sounds very challenging.

John: You’re asking for the ultimate truth.

Q: Yes.

John: What prepares you for that is the most basic truth, the truth within of what is just beneath the surface, and being that within everything on the surface. That clears all of the self-importance on the surface, leaving the presence of purity of heart, available in the midst of anything: nurturing simplicity of heart quietly present in the midst of all complexity. 

Purity of heart is when your heart, all of your heart, isn’t occupied with what you think, what you feel, what you want, what you need. What fills your heart is just presence of openness and softness – the deep inner quietude of having need of nothing in the midst of all of the doing in your life. 

Purity of heart means that in your living, in all of your day, all of your relationships to everything and everyone, that you are not taking your self to heart, that in your living 

your heart is filled with what deeply matters more than your self, and this quiet meaning-filled heart is what fills your self. It is the presence within your feeling, your thinking, your will, your emotions, and all of the ways in which you configure that to do things in your life. 

The doing isn’t for any personal sense of accomplishment. It isn’t for the improvement or the betterment of any kind of identity. The doing is all an expression of what you are deeply being inside. It’s like the innocence of a child moving about in its day. Innocence loves doing and everything that it does there’s the expression of that deep, inner innocence, the purity: being clean of one’s self, filled with being, all expressed in one’s self, expressed in every kind of doing.

Q: Thank you.

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