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The Tipping Point to Sleep: Beyond the Substance of Illusion

When: October 3, 2021 @ 11:00am

How is it possible to stay in your heart with those things in this world you really don’t feel okay about? John’s answer reveals what creates disturbance within, and how to move past it.

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Video Transcript

Q: I wanted to ask you, sort of related to what your last talk was: “anything you don’t like keeps you trapped in it.” And you recommended he stay in his heart. And I don’t know what that means. Or do you mean to bring our awareness to our heart centre?

John: It’s for you to be the warmth in your heart centre; you being gentled and quieted within, despite anything you experience.

Q: But what if my inner environment is not gentle and quiet? What do I do?

John: Be in the same thing that occurs when you lie down to  go to sleep; you relax at a fundamental level; your self, your past, your day, all goes away, and then there is just you.

Q: Sometimes when I go to sleep it feels like my day doesn’t just go away.

John: When you lie down your day continues, but as you reach the tipping point of sleep everything passes away.

Q: How can I be okay with sleep but not with that?

John: That’s right. When you’re awake your life is all about your self. You become denuded, warmly denuded of your life as you reach the tipping point to sleep.

Q: I don’t know if I like the way that the world is heading, and….

John: That will all be gone for you when you die.

Q: So how can I just be okay with the way that things are?

John: By you being what is deeply, quietly permanent, not subject to your self, your experience, your body, others, the world, and that’s your life. That you be what you are after you’ve died while you live.

Q: It’s like experiencing every emotion all at once.

John: You being told that you’re going to die in an hour, you would also experience every emotion all at once. But you don’t have that when you reach the tipping point to sleep. You are most profoundly at home in being nobody and nothing. Your life excites you and disturbs you because you have become something and somebody. The substance of something and somebody, that substance adhered to within, is illusory.

Q: Can you say it again?

John: The matter within, of being a somebody, positively or negatively, is illusory.

Q: I‘d like to know how my worldly attachments tie into this. Because it seems like money is a big one and…

John: They don’t tie into this. You tie money into this which makes this go away, seemingly. Really you’re just covering it up, covering the real, living for what’s mentally and emotionally illusory. You’re living with stories, positive and negative about your self, about others, about the world, about your life. None of that is real. That way of being in existence is the world.

Q: That was insane. You took my question. You didn’t answer it, but you pulled the root out and now my question just no longer exists. It doesn’t matter now.

John: Just like when you reach the tipping point to sleep, absolutely everything in your existence that has mattered to you is gone, and you’re home.

Q: Thank you, John.

John: See you later.

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