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Beyond the Matrix of Illusion

When: May 22, 2021 @ 7:30pm

What makes the world exist, and how can a person live and work in this life without participating in a matrix of illusion? In this short, direct conversation John describes how it’s possible to live in the world from our deepest heart and be only real, letting everything pass away that will pass when we die.

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Video Transcript

Q: So the inner world would be illusion, frustration, judging, anything like that?

John: (Nods.)

Q: So when anything of that comes up, you’re still connected to the world.

John: To an inner, illusory world.

Q: So when I sense that, what do I do?

John: Surrender to and be your deepest heart.

Q: How do you do that?

John: By not holding to any values or principles that feed into your sense of self. If it’s warm, that brings you into your heart. If it is all-inclusively warm, that brings you into your deepest heart. It makes you not like the external world, while still freely flowing in it. All that matters in the world has nothing to do with you, has nothing to do with the deepest you. When you die, the world is going to be gone out of you. It won’t be in you anymore. Live in the world without the world in you.

Q: Is that a matter of just letting it go when it comes?

John: It means that deeply within, quietly within, the world truly has nothing to offer you. There’s nothing of what the world is that means anything to you. Then meaning is what you are and you stream as meaning, and that sense of meaning doesn’t come from your self and it doesn’t come from the world: it’s you. And it lives, moves, streams, and nurtures just by virtue of you being that, you being that in the world.

Q: The world is everything – as soon as I leave the meeting I’m in the world?

John: As soon as you are in the provided system of values, principles, ideas, beliefs.

Q: So what would it mean if the world won’t hold anymore?

John: The world exists only because of the people in it. People working together for what is illusory or people working against each other for what is illusory is what makes the world.

Q: So as long as there are people then there will be a world.

John: As long as there are people held together or apart by illusion.

Q: But there are so many people in the world, on the earth. How would that not hold anymore?

John: If all that everyone will be is the real, that would be the end of the world.

Q: Will that happen?

John: No. At least not in the conceivable future. It doesn’t need to happen. But in you, it’s free to happen.

Q: How do I start?

John: Believe only what you know in your deepest heart. It offers nothing to any sense of self, but it does, for you, of your sense of self: it frees you to be meaning instead of going after meaning.

Q: Going after meaning would be?

John: Pursuing a career because of what that offers your sense of self in the world.

Q: I think I do opposite. Is opposite the same?

John: (Nods.)

Q: So working in the world is good.

John: No. Being what you really are, while working in the world, is goodness.

Q: Yeah. I don’t think I’ve done that yet. That’s why it drains or burns you out. What does it mean to have the least amount of matrix-dependency? Is that the same as the world?

John: Dependency for a sense of self is not real. Doing anything, on its own, is not real. Living off-grid, on its own, is not real. The real is the deepest within, whether it moves on-grid or off-grid. It doesn’t matter so much how the real within moves. It’s the real.

Q: So while I’m in the meetings, when I can feel the real, I still can be self-referenced in daily life.

John: (Nods.) That’ll pass away because it isn’t the real.

Q: If you let it. It’s not just going to happen.

John: If you don’t let it pass away, it’s still going to pass away – when you die. Or you can live letting it pass away, and all that remains in your living is the real. Right here, in the world.

Q: So I think I have more questions. So how can, for example, vaccinations be good if the world is ruled by something else? Or any medication?

John: Vaccinating, or not, has nothing to do with the real. If you are for vaccinating or against vaccinating, that has nothing to do with the real. It’s a mind choice. It isn’t a heart choice.

Q: Would the sense of self be able to pass away right now or is that a process in daily life?

John: It passing away is reality. It not passing away is illusory.

Bye for now.

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