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No Longer Addicted to Experience: Freeing Your Enslaved Consciousness

When: April 9, 2020 @ 10:00am

What begins as a wish to know where uniqueness belongs if we’re really all the same, opens into a detailed explanation of how consciousness confined to experience has us living in a doped-up self. John takes us beyond this into a greater depth of oneness, new for the universe, coming into us now.

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Video Transcript

Q: I hear you say a lot about that we are very much the same, and as I look around I see that God really wants different things, like many flowers, many kinds of flowers, many kinds of animals. So he likes difference! In a way, I can say God, or creation, or even you talk about beyond them – I call that origination – they search for my self experience in this planet. They want the experience that will come through my self and come back to them.

John: Only of the real.

Q: And when it’s happened?

John: Most experience, there, is of no value: only where the experience reflects the real. When the experience reflects the closed-loop of one’s self, it’s not real. The value isn’t there. That’s an illusory experience: self-manufactured. 

When it’s a closed-loop experience in one’s self, when the experience is self-generated, that’s a self, doped-up: awareness in that self, doping-up on the experience of that self, addicted to it, confined to it, and feeling the threat, the fear of not being able to keep that; not being able to sustain that closed-loop.

Q: Is any part of the consciousness choosing something?

John: In most, consciousness becomes unconscious as it gives its power away to its experience of form. So consciousness is used to identify with specific forms, form, and movement. Consciousness becomes doped-up in the reflections, the experience, of form and movement and in that way, consciousness is disempowered: it isn’t registering the real. It’s sold-out to form, registering how that form is affected by other forms, and consciousness becomes addicted to that, confined to that, held by that, and fears losing that. All of that isn’t real.

The real is where consciousness is free, in the midst of form, in the midst of movement, and there, form and movement reflect the depth of consciousness. Form and movement are all about consciousness. When consciousness sells out to a form and to a movement, it loses what it is to what it is experiencing. It loses its own magicalness. It becomes the sum of its past, in form, sustaining that in the present and needing more future of that. It’s all blindness. It’s all not real. It’s consciousness doped-up on the experience of form.

Beings are not attracted to that. Beings have nothing in that. When consciousness isn’t being the reflection in form, but it’s being what it is in the midst of its reflection in form, that, other beings register and have continuity with, a oneness with, a shared love in.

Q: Can you speak more about the connection between the being and consciousness?

John: When you are being what is before the being, just consciousness, which is something that a self isn’t able to be. A self is only able to be self-conscious. That’s not consciousness. That’s a fragment of consciousness, distorted away from and separate from the whole of consciousness. That’s like a consciousness slavery.

Being doesn’t develop by you just moved by your being, you in your being, you with your being. Your being doesn’t develop without you being what’s before your being. As you come into your being, you become conscious of your real form, your true form. Your self, your personality isn’t real and true form of you. It’s your genetic form, your inherited form that means nothing until you, in what you really are, begin to reflect in your self, where there’s a reflection of you in your self because of what you are being in your self. 

A true reflection in your self of you, there, shifts your self, frees your self of its genetics, and the form of your self transforms becoming, there, just like you, which is also form of your self that matches your being: real form of you. So there, there’s a connectivity of your being and your self that is the same. Without that transformation there is no development of a deeper self, a self that actually reflects you, and you become bound within the experience of your self that is the sum of all of your ancestors. There, you are being the past of others.

As you are in response to what you directly know the truth of, that opens you, awareness, frees you into your being, and you move as your being. The absorption continues in depth. It continues vertically and it isn’t confined to the horizontal – not in your self, and also not in your being.

As you continue to be what you really are, in your being, you start to be aware; you awaken to what moves your being. As you are being that awakening, you come into your deeper powers, there in your being. And it isn’t just the power of being – love – but that you’re able, then, to consciously move as love, whereas when you first come into your being, having been identified with your self, you are moved by love. In that, you become lost to love. You begin to move the same as what moves you. So there’s a oneness of being that you come into. Then you realize what it is that moves your being. There’s a greater depth of oneness that you awaken to. In that greater depth, you move your being.

Q: When you spoke about the new that comes now, I wondered if it’s new for us or it’s new for that, as well? It’s new because it never was before.

John: It’s new for the universe in all of its levels. It’s new for all of reality. It isn’t new for what is before the universe and reality. What’s new for what is before, is the before coming right into humanness.

Q: And this is unique expression.

John: Yes.

Q: This is something that empowered as well the beyond.

John: Yes.

Q: When you say ‘love’ you don’t mean love as we catch it; it’s more a sense of value, of ability to see. You spoke this week about “be the smallest,” and I found it for me able to be the smallest because I can see the highest.

John: Love is like you having a connection with a flower. As you open, your self passes away. Your past passes away. So in your connection with the flower, your whole awareness shifts. You go through a fundamental change. In that change, you don’t register the flower in how your self registers the flower, so in that change, as your self falls away and disappears, the experience, the form, your way of registering the form of the flower also disappears. So in that sense flower is gone and you are lost, way into the deeper levels of the flower, which is not like what the flower looks like to your self. You turn into something completely different and the flower opens in its levels, turning into something completely different. So you pass through specific levels of sameness in you, and in the flower, and you go from level to level to level. Each is completely different.

Q: I can see it. I can feel it. It’s like looking at a flower and seeing what made the flower.

John: And you won’t know what made each level without you being the level that is before that level.

Q: But with you, we do a short cut, yes, every time!

John: The fastest way to realize is by example. Levels and levels of vibration enter you and invite you. As you open, those levels of vibration register in your self that is changing. It opens you, and then it opens your self and changes your self. Your changed self begins to accurately reflect you.

Q: When you say “you”, it’s actually the eternity; it’s the things that will go on. It’s not the being that moves on with me later: it’s me, the coordinator, the one that is in the middle.

John: Yes. And with that, all of your real form, your being, and your self – where your self has become the same as you, accurately reflecting you; where your self has become form of you; where your self has opened and changed because of what you’ve been in it, also goes with you when you die.

Q: And I will go according to what happens here.

John: What you are in the midst of form, while you live. There’s nothing that matters more than that.

Q: So actually now we are planting the seeds, already giving water to our life, later?

John: Later, yes. All here now.

Q: Does this mean we have no time? What is happening now already is happening there?

John: You’re losing more of your dope! You’re becoming increasingly more really there. Clear. And being that, in your form.

Q: When I hear you, John, it always feels like you send us to live there, love here. We spoke about manifestation or definition. This kind of definition is heard by the beyond.

John: Yes.

Q: This is something that he really, really wants us, as a human being, to be in.

John: Yes. And this is what your self is made for. Your self isn’t made for your self: it’s made for this.

This, just by virtue of this dwelling in your self, turns the form of your self, the forms in your self, into an eternal garden, freeing your self of its genetics, no longer limited to its genetics.

So many ways to be in love. We will be in love, like this, again.

Bye for now.

Q: Thank you very much.

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