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You Were Born For This

When: June 2, 2019 @ 2:00pm
Where: ,

John guides a young man in his awakening experience, helping him to see the truth in what he’s knowing, realizing that as alien as the experience is to his habitual self, that he was not born for anything else.

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Video Transcript

Q: I wanted to tell about my experience from yesterday’s meeting. It took me very deep. First of all, you started to speak, to guide me to where I’m going. Afterwards I kind of fell down into a trance or something like that and then I fell so long, but flying at the same time, and I came into this core of a core. And in the centre of this core, you can call it white, but wasn’t really white; it was some kind of divine colour. And it felt like you wanted to show me this place, like two old friends that earlier in the universe history had crossed this path, like you wanted to show some of your old body. What I came into was the centre of all being, where everything was beyond one, this is where everything all starts, like a central station were all beings meet and play with joy and such excitement. This place was infinite. There was no time there. It was like a timeless space. It felt like I was there for a lifetime, but at the same time only for five minutes. My question is what I do with this knowledge?

John: Let it take you over. Let it take over your whole life.

Q: Can I go deeper in that?

John: Yes.

Q: Can I get there by myself or can you guide me there?

(long silent connection)

Q: You’re really cooking me here!

John: It’s just alien to your self, so not like your self.

Q: But then it still feels very known to me. I’ve been here before. I can definitely feel I’ve been here before. Can you explain this place to me.

John: All of it tells you the truth. It all keeps telling you the truth. It shows you what really is. It’s what only a being has access to. I move you as a being into all of this and you see.

Q: I see crystal clear. Am I at some point going to be able to show other beings this place?

John: It matters for you to be given into all of this. It matters for you to get into this field and out of the river of your self and your life as you’ve known it, so that this can have it all. Without you being given into this field you will carry on in the river of your self and your life as you’ve known it because it’s what’s familiar to you. Your mind, your nervous system, your experience is all formed to what you were used to. It doesn’t change on its own. On its own it all holds.

Q: So it holds my being.

John: It holds you, awareness into your self and your life as you’ve known it, it holds you into your patterning. It doesn’t hold your being. It’s to the exclusion of your being. Your being coming into all of it would just change it all. You would lose everything that you’ve invested in your self and in your life. You can’t mix this into your self. You can’t bring this into your self and into your life. This isn’t what it is and it’s not opening in you to make you a better person to make you a better person. This isn’t coming into you to make your self feel better, to increase that quality of your life. This only comes into you to absolutely take over and change everything.

Q: I have no idea if I’m ready for that!

John: If you’ve let it in a little bit, that means you’re ready. You were not born for anything else so as soon as you awaken to it, it’s time.

Q: Powerful stuff. It’s like the hair in my pores, everything is just rising and opening and it feels like my chest is getting ripped right open, and ice cold water running down my spine.

John: You’re experiencing what your body, your self and your life belong to. Now you know the door and your real life is on the other side.

Q: Will I always have this the way in whatever the substance my being is going to have?

John: You’ll always have it only if you use it. It doesn’t open unconditionally. It opens extremely conditionally. If it can’t have all of you, you can’t have this.

Q: That is one hell of a step.

John: You can’t be trusted with this unless this has you. You giving all of your power to this that you are directly knowing, and this will be your only power.

Q: I am truly grateful for this pathway. I’m very thankful that you wanted to show it to me. Thank you.

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