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The Way to Deeper Womanness

When: June 1, 2018 @ 7:15pm
Where: ,

The gift of being judgment-free has inspired this woman to go deeper into her heart. John shows her how to be taken by the delicacies in a flower, the sky and the stars, and how to follow through by letting these touches of being inform her womanness.

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Video Transcript

Q: Last winter, in Germany, I heard you talking about no judgment and it is a great gift for me. From then on I tried not to judge other people and things and situations and a lot of things changed in my life. A big weight on my shoulders fell down and my heart opened and now I want to ask you where does the way go on for me? How can I get deeper?

John: The depth comes by you being given, you being given within to what actually moves you, to what moves you that doesn’t come from your self, that comes from deeper within than your self.

Q: You said moving?

John: Givenness to what moves you, that comes from the deep. A delicacy of being, as it touches your heart, it moves you. That’s you letting beingness move you. To such delicacies within, as subtle as they may be, live being given to them so what you are is givenness. In your givenness, these delicacies of being within are free to take you. As they take you, you are in the deep that you are looking for, you are being the deep that you are looking for. Any little touch of being, you live being given to. You let these little touches master you all the way through into your life.

Q: Is it when I’m touched by something, by a flower? Is that what you mean?

John: Yes. It isn’t really the flower that touches you, it’s the beingness of the flower that focuses you, awareness, within beingness in you that is the same as the flower. Through the flower, you see in your being. That which the flower awakens in you, you live in practical ways being given to. That you are given to that beingness that the flower introduces you to. In your givenness you are available to that beingness within to completely take you.

Q: Is it also when I look into the sky?

John: Yes. When you look out into the stars, a depth of being is addressed in you that doesn’t come by a flower. What is touched in you when you look out into the stars, that you live in your life given to, and you let that beingness that the stars address in you, you let that beingness take you while you live. There you are being your awakening to the deep.

Q: It hurts so much here, now.

John: You can follow through in the same, in the same way, but apply it differently. You can let what you awaken to, what touches the deep in you of a flower, of the sky and of the stars, directly address your womanness. That you’ll let that directly inform your womanness and however that informs your womanness, you’ll be that womanness in your life at any personal cost.

Q: What does it mean, personal cost?

John: At any cost to what you think about yourself and feel about yourself. That you’ll let this fundamentally shift your relationship to your womanness.

Q: How can it shift?

John: By you letting the flowers, the sky and the stars address your womanness. Whatever that addresses in your womanness, you live being given to. And you live letting the depth and the qualities of that womanness take you. That you’ll no longer be that womanness that your past addresses, that the conditioning of your self addresses, that this world addresses.

Q: Thank you.

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