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Awakening to Your Inner Blueprint

When: February 21, 2019 @ 2:00pm
Where: ,

This discussion goes ‘way out there’! It touches into the emergence of a greater reality, our inner blueprint, and what happens as we resonate and respond to this deep movement of oneness entering reality.

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Video Transcript

Q: John, I listen to your radio and you talk about the blueprints. I know something about mine. Can you tell me whether you know more?

John: Your blueprint doesn’t have to do with your self, any kind of self purpose. It isn’t connected to a personal directive of any kind, a personal purpose. It has nothing to do with you until you awaken to the deeper levels of your being. As the deeper levels of your being are moved by what is before, your response to that brings you into what is changing change. Your blueprint only comes in as you begin to develop: not as a self, not with beingness in your self, not in your heart, but when you begin to develop as a being. That development engages you in the bigger picture, and engages the bigger picture in you. The meaning, the purpose and the function of that is all in your blueprint.

Q: Can you tell me about the bigger picture?

John: The bigger picture has all to do with what is greater than reality.

Q: But this body’s connection, the connection.

John: The substance of the bigger picture is the life of the life of reality. It isn’t the life of reality; it’s before that.

Q: Can you speak about the “before that”?

John: Reality doesn’t come from reality. Reality is like the offspring of something very other than reality that came together. This other isn’t dependent on what it produced. It isn’t dependent on reality, but all of reality is sustained in its very life by this other. What that is, how it moves, how it comes into reality at specific times in the development of reality, as reality is evolving and developing, this other initializes another necessary input.
We are, in our time, in one of those.

Reality, in its development, is going through a peculiar change that is something like puberty. Once entered, that changes the course of everything.

Q: It’s begun already.

John: We are way into it. Once engaged, it isn’t stoppable. With that comes, for us, more pressure. There’s response to knowledge within in this change. The change makes oneness much more physical, and it brings the unseen levels of oneness right into the physical. With this pressure, where there’s reaction to knowledge in securing what we think is ours, then the pressure will serve to separate us even more.

What you are going through, what you are awakening to, what you are responding to, is all because of this.

Q: The more I look at you or the more you look in me, our eyes meeting, I open more. It’s very important to talk to you like this.

John: As you open more, you also very directly ask for more. You’re not mindfully asking for more. In you being what you really are, what you really are engages the movement of the levels of your being, and all of that coming up into your self asks for more, and asks for everything. It knows what it’s here for.

As you are given to that, you know what you are here for. It’s a bit scary for your self because it’s so new, because it is way bigger than your self. Through your response, you are being taken by it. It’s a little bumpy for your self and smooth for you – ‘smooth’ as in deeply connective, coherent. It all holds together in a way that you deeply comprehend but not with your understanding.

Q: Like now. I let what’s happening have me, but sometimes I ask myself: “What about me? What about what I want?” and I want to be with a man that loves me and that I love. He understands me and I understand him. It’s like together we’re one – oneness. I’ve been looking for that man for a long time. Where is he? (laughter)

John: Maybe he’s headed for the same black hole that you are.

Q: What can I do about that?

John: Nothing.

Q: So where is he? There’s a lot of black holes. I need to go to all the black holes to find him? I need to do something?

John: As you enter the black hole you won’t be able to relate to what you’re thinking and feeling about this.

Q: And if I will think about the black hole and stay here? I can do that.

John: It won’t last; it won’t hold.

Q: My dreams are sometimes revealed to me. That’s why I love to sleep. What is the code that I got? Tell us something about the codes.

John: When a substantial amount of what is loosening in your self: your holdings, your beliefs, your past, all because of how you’re opening and what you know you’re opening to, when a substantial amount of that loosens, you might have a cleansing kind of sickness, where you are moving it all out, making you ready for what is next.

Q: What is next?

John: A lot more than what you’ve already come into.

Q: And when will we get there? It’s for my self! I need to feed it, too.

John: What truly feeds your self is its change. Its own change is what feeds it. Nothing else deeply feeds it. The use of its own powers doesn’t feed it. The change of your self because of you, a being, coming into it and taking over – that feeds your self. That answers your self.

Q: What do you mean ‘it’?

John: What you’re awakening to, what moves that awakening, what lights up your very other-than, very other-than your self, blueprint.

Q: In one of my dreams, everything moves like in the black hole, clouds in black hole.

John: What you are responding to turns your being, enlivens it, moves it, turns your being into what is like a vortex. And infusing the vortex is that which is before your being, present in your being and drawing you, pulling you in, pulling you into the much deeper levels of your being, and what is moving those levels that isn’t your being. What’s moving those deeper levels of your being is what your being comes from. The two are beginning to consciously come together in you because you’re responding to them. That puts you into a whole other destiny that you would never know, in this life, without your response to direct knowledge within.

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