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You And Your Body: A Love Team

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When: April 6, 2014
Evening Meeting
Where: ,

Q: A long time ago when we spoke about my mind and thoughts, you invited me to be like a flower with my mind. I still feel that what I am and my mind are not coordinated.

John: You are the flower. Let the petals of your heart open and you’ll think differently. You’ll think less in familiar ways, and you’ll think more in clear and lovely ways. Your thinking will be more delicate.  

Q: A strong dream I had is coming to mind. My partner was departing to another dimension, and I had to let him go. He told me that he never felt happy or satisfied by being in a body, and I felt extreme sadness to hear that. This question about incarnating fully into the body has been with me since.

John: There are many levels to your body. The deeper the level that you’re in of your body, the deeper the body you’re in. The deeper the body you’re in, the more you are really in your body and the more you love being in your body. The deeper the body you’re in, the more your body opens. In that way, your body flowers. Being sick or sore in your body doesn’t make your body not flower. You not being in your deeper bodies makes your body not flower.

Q: What does it mean to be in the deeper bodies? To realize my deeper bodies?

John: Not with your understanding. With your heart. The more your heart opens, the deeper the body you enter, and your body opens to that. 

Q: Do I have to go through some healing in the physical dimension?

John: No. When you open, your body opens, whether your body is well or not. In that sense your body doesn’t want to be well; your body wants to be like you. It’s there for you. It responds to you. If your body is sick and dying but it is really with you, all is fine.

When you are in a love team with someone, you would rather be together in what’s terrible than apart in what seems wonderful. 

You and your body are a love team. Sickness or health doesn’t change that.

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