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Transforming Your Genetics

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When: May 31, 2018
Afternoon Open Mic
Where: ,

Q: Does our genetic conditioning strongly influence our life and behaviour? Can you say more about it?

John: Where you’re not in your heart, absolutely. Where you are unconditionally in your heart, at any personal expense, no.

Q: Is openness of heart easier or harder depending on what genetics you’re born with? Some people seem to be blessed with it; everyone wants to be around them. Others seem to have a strong shadow. They dig and dig, and it’s not so easy for them. Why is that? We all have this one life. Do some people come with a more golden destiny?

John: No. The genetics that you have are the genetics that you need.

Q: I need to go forward. Do I need to break down walls, or what?

John: For you: to manifest what you are as a being. It’s going to be different for each. Opening within what genetics you have draws on different streams of your being and delicacies of your being that open up a particular movement of being. 

Regardless of how you experience it, your genetics, your circumstances, your upbringing are all helping you. But it’s also somewhat like finding the truth in your dream life.

Q: Can you explain this more?

John: Many dreams won’t make sense to you. They might deeply affect you, and it doesn’t matter how much you look into the dream to understand it, you can’t understand it. Such a dream can stay with you even for years. It’s because its deeper meaning is into you, and it stays in you till you get it.

Q: Sometimes a dream is so vivid and I’m in its magical flow, and a few days later it’s the opposite. There are so many distractions. I really wish to focus on it. I want to go forward like a ship in a storm.

John: By relating to a deeper level of meaning than what comes by your mind, your thinking and your understanding, and quietly relating to these deeper levels of meaning in your dreams and in your day. Your real life isn’t about your surface life. 

We make our lives about our surface lives, but that’s not real. Your real life is your deep, quiet, inner life, in the midst of your surface life, without your surface life being a distraction. Your surface life needs to be in service and in response to your deep, quiet, inner life.

Q: So it’s to keep my inner being and inner life in the right balance with my daily life – they’re woven together. Are they in an eternal dialogue?

John: If you are existing from the innermost, outwards, yes. Then the outward opens and transforms and the outward speaks the same language as the deep inward. But that’s a being kind of self, instead of a genetic self.

Q: Yes I see this. So the genetics don’t matter.

John: No. You can come in with a very difficult package or a very easy package. None of it is as it appears to be. It isn’t about the easy or the difficult. It’s about what you’re being in it.

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