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Love Instead Of Lack: Changing Your Relationship With Money

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When: December 28, 2013
Afternoon Meeting

Q: When I last spoke with you and asked about how to move in all that was opening, you kept telling me: “Love.”  The healing sessions I had with people were different. I felt you next to me, as if it was you speaking. The session was all about love. What was that?

John: It was the presence of the level that you had opened to.

Q: Where is that level? When I began to study healing, I was able to know details about people’s lives and receive information, but I didn’t know where it was coming from so I stopped it. Now there’s a conflict with the survival part of my brain. It often seems all about money and that if I didn’t have that stress, I wouldn’t experience that conflict. Is that true, or not?

John: No. Your relationship with money comes from your relationship with your self. If you would have success with money in your life, that won’t change your self. It changes only your circumstance.

Q:  But I feel the stress around it triggers the self.

John: Your relationship with your self triggers the stress around money. You project onto your relationship with money; you project your self. Money in your life doesn’t need to change. Your relationship with your self in all of your living needs to change.  

Awakening, within, matters more than your self. Living your awakening, within, matters more than your self and matters more than money. Then you will be handling your self and money from within your awakening. That makes your awakening real, all the way through your self and into your life. 

That process isn’t going to just happen. It happens by you empowering your own awakening. The power you’ve given to your self and money belongs to your awakening.  If you double your income, your self will not be doubly better. 

Money doesn’t belong in your heart. Your work doesn’t belong in your heart. Your self doesn’t belong in your heart. What you know the truth of in your heart belongs in all of your heart. That matters more than your self, your work, and money. Make that real in all of your self, in your work, and in your relationship with money. 

Q: How?

John: By giving the power that you give to your self, your work, and money to what you know the truth of in your heart.

Q: I feel I don’t know anything, but I know what I’m going through is right.

John: Write down what you did know, and then spend your self and your life making real what you did know. What you did know is in your heart; you going to that puts you into your heart.

Q: (Tears) I feel like screaming, as if I’m going crazy.

John: What you have awakened to isn’t like that. You belong to what you know you have awakened to. Empower what you know you have awakened to. Your heart will heal and your self will heal. This is what you were made for. You were not made for your self, your work, and your money.

Q: So the work that I’m doing with people, is that for my self or for my being?

John: It is all for what you have, in your living, belonged to. It has belonged to your self. Until you are right-side up, it doesn’t matter much what kind of work you do. It doesn’t matter much what kind of life you have. You have lived being upside down, and you have used your power to cover that and to protect it.  You can’t fix that by making things better in your self and in your life. You can fix that by you turning right-side up, which will turn upside down what you have tried to hold together. 

Q: Why am I fighting my knowing?

John: That’s how you are used to using your power. It’s because you have lived valuing your self more than what you know the truth of in your heart. You have valued your self more than knowing. Because of that, you have lived fighting what you know unless what you know serves your self.

Q: When I’m stressing about the financial condition and what’s happening in my life, the thought of living in lack throws me into depression.

John: Instead of needing because of what you perceive you lack, love because of what you know. Love instead of lack. It’s inconvenient to your self, and it fills your heart. When your heart is filled with love, you will do what you know the truth of in your heart.  When your heart is filled with lack, you will do what you are accustomed to in your self. You will live cycling your self.

Love, and you’ll know more.

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