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The Secret To The Great River Within

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When: April 1, 2020
Afternoon Meeting
Where: ,

Q: You said to someone in a recent meeting: “This world is not your home.” It really struck me, but in so many little ways I continue to seek safety in this world. And you’ve been speaking about the importance of taking care of the little things. I’d love your help with this, and I want to meet you in what is not of this world.

John: I’m bringing the whole of what is before existence. I’m being that in this world, which brings it into this world. It is every level in you that hears it, but that doesn’t mean that you will open into every level of you.

Q: Why wouldn’t all my levels be opening if they can all hear it?

John: It’s all of the little, all of the littlest, littlest, together, that determines the flow of the whole river. 

The river doesn’t come from the river. The river comes of the melting in the high, and it comes from the rain. If you are in the littlest of drops and you are in the melting, if those two levels are lived in you, the river will come and it will flood your banks.

Q: Being in the melting and the drops means you can let go of what the drops or the stream will flow into, and you don’t put your roots in the banks? The banks don’t matter.

John: Yes. If you are gone into the drops and you are gone into the melting, it doesn’t matter what your experience is: great river is coming. 

As that great river comes and you are absorbed by the enormous effects of the river, that you are distracted a little bit from being gone into the drops and being gone into the melting, then it’s only a matter of time and the great river will be no more.

Q: So always be in the drops and in the melting.

John: Yes. It’s the secret to the river.

Q: This touches on the fear of letting go of everything, because if I focus on the banks and what’s there, or I focus on the river, I forget to be in the drops, right?

John: Yes. You’ll make much of the river, and the river doesn’t come from the river. The river comes from all of the little drops, and the melting.

Q: And it’s really okay to not mind where the drops land or where the river goes? I just let fully go.

John: If you are into the melting and into the drops, you will be into the whole river. Then you will be the drops, the melting, the river, the ocean. You’ll be the whole of it.

Q: I can resonate with all the levels and the deeper things, but once I’m not in the drops, the river is not there.

John: Yes.

Q: And the more I’m in the drops and in the melting, the more levels of you I can meet you in? 

John: The more you are gone into the drop, taken by the melting, the more deeply I can take you into the ocean.

Q: I love that.

John: I can then take you into the ocean, into its depths, without your river first developing, without you making your way to the ocean.

Q: I’d love for you to do that.


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