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Opening To The Unknown You Know

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When: March 28, 2020
Evening Meeting
Where: ,

Q: Since I spoke with you last, I’ve connected with a vertical column of light that comes from my head and goes upwards. In that, what I’m doing is reaching to you, moving into you. I’m realizing I’m not of this world and everything started to change. It’s as if I’m in two places at the same time: I’m here in my life but I’m not coming from here. What I’m coming from seems to be a place I know. It’s present all the time but I don’t see it. Am I able to move faster in this?

John: Yes: by not being even a particle of your self, or of the world. So all there is in what you come from is pure you, levels of that that aren't recognizable from your self or this world. That direct relating to what isn’t your self and isn’t this world is what feeds this in you, so that this level of you has you exclusively.

Be given to what you know you are in. Be given in a way that is absolute. Nothing else has you.

Q: Can you give me an example of what could have me that I’m not aware of?

John: Better than that, you are aware in levels that you are not thinking in. You are aware in more than what you think.

Q: Is that because it’s something I haven’t been awakened to, or haven’t been making physical? Why is that?

John: You don’t see it. You’re not thinking in it, you’re not cognitive of it, you’re not seeing it. You are in more, and you know more than what you see and what you think.

Q: Why am I not doing that? Is there a way to be aware of this?

John: It’s for you to open into the unknown. With you – and this is a little bit of a play on words – when you open into the unknown you are opening into what you know in a way that isn’t dependent on seeing and on thought. It isn’t dependent on your experience. 

You are capable of much more than your thinking in this, your seeing in this, your experience in this. You are ahead of all of your experience. So when you open to the unknown, it’s what you know that you’re not thinking, feeling, seeing or experiencing that you come into.

Q: Is there a level of control or order – but not as a self – that is on my plate?

John: It’s on your plate, way out into the unknown.

Q: Does it have to do with not staying with something and letting it change? Do you know what I mean?

John: Yes. It’s neither not staying with something, nor letting it change. What’s already there for you you’re not going to come into through thought or feeling, seeing or experience. It’s direct into you.

Q: There’s no experience; it’s a direct movement.

John: It will turn into experience but it isn’t based on experience.

Q: What is it that has changed? It’s not even that it has changed: it’s completely different.

John: Completely different, not measured by thought or feeling, seeing or experience. But as you come into it, it does reflect in your experience and it will form your thinking.

I heard a story, and it is a little bit like this. There was a person surrounded by a forest fire. He visually had no way out, so he just ran with all of his might straight into the fire. It was either that or be taken over by the flames. As he ran straight into the fire – and he didn’t know if he would run headlong into a tree or whatever because he couldn’t see through the flames –  as he ran straight into the fire, it was not much of a distance before he realized he cleared the whole forest fire, and he was fine. 

So in one way, it’s a little bit like that. He went into the known because he knew he didn’t have anything else. So he just went.

As you go, you will know, and you don’t need the indicators in form, in experience, to help you in this. As soon as you just know that there’s more, without any guidance in experience, you just turn into what you know without knowing first what that is. All you know is that it is.

Q: My sense is that I was doing that.

John: Be in that in a way that you are gone in that, without reference to any markers. 

Q: No markers.

John: Yes: it’s movement of you. It’s not movement of form. That movement has reflection in your form. As you move in this way, you’ll know more, you’ll see more, you’ll understand more, with all of that behind you. 

As you come into this, this will fast increase. You’ll realize direct movement of you that first has no relationship to form. As you move in it, you’ll get to know that level of you. It will grow. As that growth shows, don’t be distracted by how it shows.

For you, this is like you believing the unknown. That is you believing what you directly know, without that being dependent on your experience, your sense perception of what you know.

Bye for now, and see you way, way in there! 

Q: Bye. Thank you.


This conversation comes from one of the daily interactive livestreams with John during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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