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Attuning to the Electro-magnetics of Your Being

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When: March 16, 2014
Morning Meeting

Q: Recently I feel I’ve given a lot of attention to my clarity. I feel a lot has expanded in my head, my brain, my mind, and I’m getting more of a sense that I’m done with now, and I want to move on. I want to be more.

John: You want to get into electro-magnetics?

Q: Is that the next step? I see there’s more clarity that’s bigger than the mind, which I’m applying at work, and at home, and in the meetings. When I’m with you I have a sense of a depth that is behind that clarity. When I’m outside the meetings I’m very active in my mind. It’s not like I’m putting energy there. Everything is lining up and it’s wonderful. It’s very satisfying because I get a lot done and everything works beautifully. Now I’m ready to shift again. Is there an electro-magnetic aspect to that?

John: When you’re being a different level within than your self, there’s an electro-magnetic field to that and you experience it in your body. If you’re not being that level, you won’t experience its field, so that level of your body and reality won’t be real to you. Once you awaken to it, you realize that the electro-magnetic field is moving and pulling you, and it’s your way into being that level. First you awaken to that level, you notice that level, then in noticing it and attuning to it you awaken to the electro-magnetics of it. As you respond to it, you’re moving electro-magnetically in the same way. This is what enables you to be that level.

Q: I can see the effect of that in my body, in my energy level, just generally speaking. I’m wondering which level you’re pointing at. Is it a presence, a beingness, or heart level? Is it love?

John: It’s deeper than your self and it’s deeper than your heart. It’s a level of your own being that you’re not going to find, that you’re not familiar with in your self or your heart. In your heart you’re more familiar with surface levels of your being, but not the deeper levels. Those levels of being are not part of the beingness that is in your heart, so when you awaken to that level, you’re responding to something that you have not known in your self or heart before. But as soon as you awaken to it, because it is a level of you, you know the truth of it.

Q: Is it something I experience in the meetings?

John: Yes.

Q: So I know what to look for, to recognize, because I know the meeting space well now. So When I respond to that level, then that builds an electro-magnetic effect that changes my sense in my body, and then that makes making it more tangible and real?

John: Yes.

Q: Yes, I can see it. It’s a stillness in the depth.

John: It seems still, but it’s not at all still. In your self and heart it registers as profound stillness because the movement of your self and the movement of your heart are not a part of that presence at first, but both can attune to it.

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