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Believe Like an Arrow Loosed from the Bow

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When: March 16, 2014
Morning Meeting

Q1: Something new is coming into the group. It’s quite powerful. I feel it’s strongly moving in me and there’s a longing to bring it into all of my forms. Is it through belief that we get to know what we really are, and bring it into our forms?

John: Yes. When you give your belief, you’re absorbed.

Q1: To bring it in, is there anything to do other than believing?

John: Believe as completely as an arrow loosed from a bow. There’s nothing attached to it. As soon as it’s loosed, it’s not part of the bow any more: it’s gone.

Q1: What would that mean for me, practically?

John: As soon as you know what you’re awakening to and know the truth of it, you’re like an arrow that’s just gone. All of you is gone straight in without consulting your self first, without having to think about it. You’re not using any kind of filter or process to judge whether this is good or not. If you know the truth of it you’re completely gone into it. This doesn’t mean that you shortcut decisions, ignoring all the considerations. It is not about oversimplifying, but where there is profound clarity inside, you go.

Belief is what lets you, as awareness, go completely into what you know. Without belief you can’t enter what you know. That also means that you need to be careful what you do believe because it works. If you believe something you don’t know the truth of, you’re gone into that. What you don’t know the truth of, don’t believe. Believe only what you do know the truth of.

Q2: So are there different levels of us which believe? I can recognize that my heart knows something and I believe and move as that, but then there are other levels that I’m not quite as in touch with.

John: When you respond to a level that is clearly deeper than anything to do with your self or your heart, the movement of belief is going to be of a completely different level. You believe your way in without including your heart. Your heart isn’t needed. Your heart is needed for what you enter into of a deeper level to come into your self, because in your return, it needs to come through your heart.

Q2: So a deeper level like that, is that what you’re referring to as knowing? A movement of the being?

John: Knowing on a different level, knowing something within to respond to that absolutely has nothing to do with your self or your heart. It is a completely different level in you.

Q2: Would that be happening at a level of beingness or at a deeper or different level?

John: A level of beingness that you wouldn’t be familiar with in your self or in your heart.

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