JdR Podcast 311

I'm Afraid of How My Spiritual Awakening Will Affect My Life

This questioner can feel daunted by the effects she fears her changing orientation might have on those she loves. How to live it in the workplace, too? There is a cost, John agrees, but with a gift just beneath it. He clarifies for her how to be in her changes with others.

"The best that you can do for those who are close to you is to be and do what you know the truth of, and to develop in that."

—John de Ruiter

This dialogue also appeared on VOD-000

Podcast Transcript

With John de Ruiter from the September 12, 2011, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Event

Q: Hi, John. I feel I’ve taken steps in living more from what I am instead of from what I have, and I also really want that. I feel that parts of me are holding back: fears that people that I love will leave. I also find it very difficult to live from what I am in the work atmosphere, and I was wondering if you could help me with overcoming that.

John: You need to be complete in your orientation. In coming from what you really are, knowing and knowledge are everything, so then to be what you know and do what you know is your expression. Being and doing so isn’t going to be without real cost, personal cost.

The gift is just beneath the cost. The greater the cost that you face, the greater the gift to welcome you. If you’re focused on the cost and the loss, you’ll not be seeing the real opportunity. If you’re focused on the real opportunity, the cost, as real as it is, fades and passes away as you move through it.

The best that you can do for those who are close to you is for you to be and do what you know the truth of, and to develop in that. If you have any reserve in your heart you will make difficult what is easy. The more all-in you are, the more that being and doing what you know will be in all of the details. You will come alive in subtleties.

You don’t need to be understood by others. You need only to give kind and fair explanation. It isn’t for you to make the other understand. You don’t need to be persuasive or convincing; just open and soft and clear. Your base is real knowledge and your heart is that of beingness.

In living by that, your life will change, your self will change and your person will change. Nothing else needs to change. No one else needs to see and no one else needs to change. Your being and doing what you know the truth of in your heart and your clarity is your gift, within, and then your gift to others. No one needs to receive it.

Set the compass in your self by what you know within and, without compromise, like living by that.

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