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John de Ruiter Podcast 561

John de Ruiter Podcast 561

Soul Evolution: Perfect Being, Freed into an Imperfect Self

When: September 23, 2017 @ 3:00pm
Where: ,
What’s the connection between the being and the soul, and is there a need for discipline and focus for the soul to evolve?
“Your greatest soul opportunity is that of being in a body, with an incomplete imperfect self, full of difficulty and pressure.”
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Podcast Transcript

Soul Evolution: Perfect Being, Freed into an Imperfect Self

Q: I wanted to ask you about authentic movement. You gave me a lot of guidance and I had every intention of being in what you shared with me, and it seemed like I just was treading water since I got home. If I have a question it would be that when things are at rest and I’m feeling authentically honest and open, I’m not drawn to do anything. Should I be more disciplined?

John: Do in your life what you honestly think is wise to do and hold all of it very lightly because you have no confidence in what you think concerning depth of you. So then it’s your beingness within the lightness of everything that you do that is your depth .

Q: Do I need confidence in my thinking?

John: No.

Q: And for the soul to evolve, do I need to be embodying all of me in some way?

John: No. For that you only need to be what you directly know the truth of, particularly in the midst of difficulty, when your self is under pressure – positive pressure or negative pressure.

Q: When I see you I’m reminded of so much and I feel so deeply everything. But when I’m not with you, I’m just trying to be honest and authentic. And I think there’s a doing that I’m missing on, more motivation.

John: Just do what you honestly think is good to do or wise to do. You need no confidence in your thinking so you hold your own thinking very lightly. You’re not taking any of it seriously but you are using it, and it’s honesty that uses it.

Q: So there’s just very small amount of my thinking that feels truly moving from what I know. So I’m just focusing on those things to act on.

John: Where you actually, really know to do something because of a depth in you that has nothing to do with your self. Then that isn’t what you honestly think is good to do; that’s what you honestly know to do and that you don’t hold lightly. That, you are being and doing. It’s only what you honestly think is good to do that you hold lightly, because in what you think is good to do you don’t necessarily know it’s good to do.

Q: My knowing is definitely not matching my thinking. I realize I hardly know anything. I don’t even think I can quantify it. It’s just so tiny.

John: Just enough.

Q: You say the soul can evolve but the being just is. I guess when I think of trying, it’s because I want my soul to evolve – that’s why we’re here. Can you remind me of the connection between the soul and the being?

John: Both are unseen forms. Your being comprises form, multi-leveled form of true movement of you. Forms of love. Streams of love.

Q: So it doesn’t need to evolve the being. It doesn’t need to evolve?

John: It doesn’t need to evolve, doesn’t need to develop, it just needs to be unconditionally free to move anywhere in your self without you having any ‘no go’ zones.

Anywhere that you let your being freely move, you empower what you are as a being and your being will then master and control your self. The development is in your self; your self developing because of how your being moves in it and moves it. So that’s a clean development of your self.

Q: And the soul is? I don’t know if I need to know that. I’m focused more on being and how it moves.

John: Your soul is your unseen level of form. It’s the form of your evolution, your development as awareness. It has nothing to do with the development of your being or your self. The only way that you, awareness, on its own develops is when you’re being what you know particularly in difficulty in your self. So there’s no greater opportunity or context for the development of you, awareness, than when you are in your self, in your body.

As soon as you separate from what you know because of pressure or difficulty, positive or negative, you’re not evolving as awareness. As awareness you’re stagnating. But as you evolve as awareness because of being what you know, you being oneness in the midst of difficulty, you get to know what you really are in all of its regions, and in them you’re developing. The form of that development is your soul, and that form is of greater value than the forms of your self. It’s of greater value than the form of your heart and it’s of greater value than all of the forms of your being. It’s a level of form of yours that matters more than all others. That form and its well-being is dependent only on you, awareness, being what you know. It doesn’t need anything else. It doesn’t hinge on anything else.

And your soul is difficult to see because it’s evenly distributed within all of your forms. It is as present anywhere in your self as it is everywhere in your being. So you don’t have its contrast enabling you to see it, but after you’ve died it is the form of yours that is more visible than all others. When you meet someone it is what is first seen. After you’ve died, it is your most prominent form. It reveals every micro-choice of yours that you’ve made as awareness in relationship to knowing. It reveals your actual story. It’s not a personal story. It reveals everywhere you’ve been within your micro-choices as awareness – not as a person, not as a self – just as awareness. It shows where you’ve opened and where you’ve closed.

Q: So is that why like letting awareness open everywhere, like, being move through everything is so important?

John: Your greatest opportunity for your evolution as awareness, your greatest soul opportunity is that of being in a body, with an incomplete imperfect self, full of difficulty and pressure. And in all of that, quietly not separating. Being what you really are in all of that. It’s what you are in a body for. It’s what you are in your self for. It’s what your life is for.

Q: I think I was using my mind or something dense to try and let go or open and maybe just dropping everything, when I’m contracting or there’s pain. Like just keep doing that when things are coming up? I just have this force that wants to move.

John: Stillness is you being what you really are without the use of your self.

Q: The self would assist with going into stillness, right?

John: Only seemingly. Your personality cannot help your self. Your self cannot help your heart. Your heart cannot help your being. Your being cannot help your soul.

Q: So just going with what is true knowing and responding to only that, with my awareness where it moves and then that’s it.

John: You moving from the innermost outwards, and you set that movement free at any personal cost.

Q: Thank you.

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