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John de Ruiter Podcast 562

John de Ruiter Podcast 562

One Being, One Destiny: Realizing Your Role in Our Collective Evolution

When: July 8, 2004 @ 12:00pm
A life-changing wake-up call reveals the possibility of becoming aware of our deep interconnectedness, and the great responsibility we have to each other.
“We are all one being with ultimately one destiny, which is the realization of that oneness of being and the realization of its direction.”
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Podcast Transcript

One Being, One Destiny: Realizing Your Role in Our Collective Evolution

Q: I just really want someone to really hear me. I set a situation up for my self in my personal life to send myself into the deepest pain that I’ve ever been in. When I started to come out of the really painful place, I just started to look really deeply into all of it. And what I’m seeing now – although I know I’ve always seen it in the background – is how it’s all been about my way. I’m astonished by it. I’ve been a walking, talking ‘my way’ machine. And I’ve always known it.

John: So you can see it all. Now what? Your way is already, for you, highly distinguishable. What about what you know of, within your self, concerning the way?

Q: I don’t even know what it is, honestly.

John: But you do know within your self that its way is the way.

Q: And I love that. It feels like a huge relief.

John: So does that mean you are now being and living that way?

Q: I know I touch on that. I haven’t been living from that, so I can’t really say that I understand that.

John: You know, you see, you are able to clearly distinguish even within your own experience. You have even been heard, which you didn’t need. What is your point now?

Q: Well, it’s time for me to take full responsibility without needing anybody to hear me or understand me.

John: And at the same time, you are heard and you are understood.

Q: It feels incredibly alone.

John: But you are also not alone. You’re responsible to your self and you’re also responsible to all of those that have heard you.

Q: I don’t really know who you are talking about when you say “all of those who have heard me.”

John: Anyone else that you have spoken this way to, and everyone here. You have involved all of us. That also makes you responsible to the same. If you follow through with what you know, then through your connection to everyone here that you have involved and that has heard you, reality will be confirmed then in much more than just your self. If you don’t follow through, then the reality from which we have been listening will be mocked, as will the same reality in your self be mocked.

This isn’t a ‘heavy’; this is all real. Everyone is connected to everyone. When you speak and others listen, you are increasing the form of that connection. Your responsibility is greater than just within your self. It is also to everyone. What this means is that the picture, the real picture, is larger than the one you’ve been living in. The easiest responsibility is when you can see all of your responsibility. Then there is a much greater sense supporting its way in you. What you are being involves everyone, for better or for worse. You do have individuality, and its beingness, along with its position, does affect everything.

Whatever it is that you are being, that will also on some level, in a very real way, be touching and drawing on the same within everyone. If you are living for and identifying with your patterns then such beingness is actively confirming the same in everyone. Everyone, on some level, to some degree, will then have even more to contend with. If they are living for the same, then they’ll use the burden that’s been added to them. Those that are not living for the same will on some level, to some degree, just simply be carrying that burden.

If you are living being what you know, then on some level and to some degree everyone else experiences a greater pull within themselves of the same. We are all one being with ultimately one destiny, which is the realization of that oneness of being and the realization of its direction. Each tiny individual part has an authentic and an individual role.

Q: And my responsibility is my role?

John: Not first your role, but first your beingness, and then an undistorted manifestation of your authentic beingness, within which you realize your role. It doesn’t even matter what that role is. What matters is that it is yours. Your relationship to it affects everyone else’s role. If you neglect authentic beingness within your self, then also through your own blindness you’ll be affecting your own role that you can’t see.

Q: So my role as mother, friend, wife, lover.

John: Yes. In a real way and also in a limited way, as if there are not more dimensions to you. As you embody authentic beingness, other dimensions open, and within them also your role.

Q: Wow. I feel this excitement without even really knowing what I am excited about.

John: Then you know something, without understanding it.

Q: Yes.

John: Then you’re responsible for what you know. When you embrace your full responsibility, then all of your responsibilities help. Each one, through your beingness, picks up the other. When you let down any of your responsibilities, that eventually within you becomes catastrophic.

When you let down one responsibility within your self, that becomes a distorted weight for your other responsibilities to carry. To cope with that, you’ll then be letting down other responsibilities. Distortions begin to collide. As you embody that you become, within the context of others, a wrecking-ball, and of course that comes back to you. That keeps you in touch with what you are being and doing to everything.

Q: Yeah. What you are describing is what my experience was when I couldn’t eat or sleep.

John: And that on some level, to some degree, affects everyone else’s sleep and digestion. The condition of one part of your body affects the entirety of your body, for better or for worse.

Q: That starts with this body and then it moves out to this body…

John: And as it does, your actual role, whether it’s realized or not, includes more facets. There is no end to its complexity.

Q: It’s like math, right?

John: And digestion. Both being endless in its complexity.

Q: Are you talking about, like, inward digestion?

John: Every kind. The information you digest as a being influences the same in others. It influences the greater digestion of our being.

When you make up your own reality in being willfully separate from the real, then you are creating and manifesting false information. You take it to heart, you believe it, and then you are infused with what you have created. Now, on some level, to some degree, we are all dealing with what you have created and taken in. When, as a being, within your person, you are realizing real and profound information and receiving that into your self according to your knowing, that activates profound reality in you and in us.

Q: So basically you are talking about quantum physics. It’s like what I take in and how I live affects everything. To live that responsibly – huge.

John: Privilege. Huge privilege.

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