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Year: 2011

A cancer diagnosis and the realization that she might soon die has awakened a new sense of purpose in this person. What is the secret to going home, within, before her physical death?

JdR Audio 395

“With knowledge also comes a promise. Don’t define it. Don’t label it. Don’t make its coming to fruition dependent on results. The promise isn’t understood. It’s known.”

JdR Audio 394

“Your time for this is only for as long as the time of your body. When your body dies, that time is over. Your time, and all of its levels within all the levels of your body, does belong to the all of you. Time doesn’t enable it. Awareness enables it.”

Audio selections from the Special Editions CD category created from 2011-2014 to feature seminal dialogues previously available only at the Edmonton store.

Recorded September 19, 2011

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