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Year: 2011

Q: You recently said something so beautiful about marriage that I wrote it down: “A communion of real knowledge found with each other, made with each other.” I’d love you to talk about it some more. John: That’s having every level, within, with which…

How is it that even in connection with others we can feel alone, or even worse: offended and hurt by others’ ways? The desire to belong and be at home within, while meeting with others, is unravelled in this conversation, showing the way forward that also takes us deeper, bringing with it new perspective.

Q: I would like to deepen the connection between me and my child, and be more aware in it. Can you help me to do that? John: Be really seen. Reveal your heart and give your heart without embellishment, so that when you’re giving…

This conversation addresses destiny. Does it just happen or can we do something to change it? John explains how it can only be changed with a shift of awareness: away from our emotional makeup into what we know the truth of in our heart, bringing stability, freedom and healing that before seemed impossible.

This questioner had an awakening which he hoped his Buddhist spiritual practice would open further. He feels stuck and wants to know how he can move forward. John explains that his awakening caused a shift in orientation that does not yet match the self that he has, the result being an ache felt deeply in his heart. John shows him the shift that is needed: a surrender beyond his understanding to the knowing in his heart.

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