John de Ruiter Podcast 513

John de Ruiter Podcast 513

Deeper Knowledge Given a Face in this World

When: October 7, 2011 @ 7:15pm
Where: ,
An unusual opportunity to hear from a person who’s discovering how to move in unseen realms, and learn from John the difference it makes in this world.
“What has your face has your heart. Your face then informs others of where you have been. By your face others will know.”
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Podcast Transcript

Deeper Knowledge Given a Face in this World

Q: Hi, John. I wanted to include my person and my self in being here, but I’m also aware of something taking place on a level that I don’t understand and it doesn’t seem relevant to my person and my self at the moment. I know I have had a tendency to not include my forms and retreat inwards, so I’m just aware of wanting to include them and I don’t know if that’s even necessary.

John: It will eventually apply.

Q: It does seem like that it also doesn’t detract what’s occurring.

John: It doesn’t.

Q: I went through a lot of difficulty and the experience was of the worst of my self coming up. What that enabled was eventually realizing what needed to be in place, what was absolutely necessary, what the pillars are in this, and I knew openness and softness of heart is a pillar. And in this, I could be in stillness and barrenness without that being at all negative. If that was all that was there, if I wasn’t okay with that seemingly providing nothing to my self, that having negativity or depression or heaviness in my self was something that I would take ground in. And I had known that removing my belief from it was key. I could know and believe that it wasn’t real, but if I was still needing whatever it was providing, such as ground in my self, then it would still be there. And I’m loving not needing ground in my self and then I get to have my ground in this.

John: That gives you your ground to move in a realm that you know and can’t see. You know that it is into that realm that you’ll be going.

Q: And my sense is that a part of me is already gone into it. So is it that more of me will go into it?

John: You, as awareness, entering the more of you. We convene in a realm that has, as yet, nothing to do with your self, convening by knowledge. Without needing to see, you move by knowledge. As the knowledge turns to seeing, the seeing is inclusive of your self, bringing the truth of a different realm into your self and into the reality that is known in this world.

Q: What seems to be distinct in this, is the lack of seeing. It seems more like stripped down just to knowledge.

John: As it is only by that that you do, as awareness, enter…enter a realm that you know the truth of.

Q: Before the seeing was coming after, like it was shining a light on what was happening, but this time I don’t even have that experience of a light being shone on what’s happening.

John: The speed by which you move in this realm will not be by the speed of thought and not by the speed of feeling, or even seeing. It will be only by the speed of knowing. You’ll not have anything else. Established in that, you will then, as awareness, see and feel and think, making a difference in this world because of coming from another realm that doesn’t yet inform this world.

Q: Is this new to me…this realm? I have no idea of anything of it except that I know it. And not need anything else from it, not need it to create any ground in my self.

John: You have been brought in before and you’ve entered before without a clue in your self of the substance and meaning of this reality. You only knew. Each time, you know more. You knew before and now you know more.

Here, as you know, you then are, and as you are you then move. That movement informs your body as to what you are. How you are as that in your body then informs your self of what it is, within, that you are about.

Q: Letting this be seen in it coming through, through my body…through my face?

John: What has your face has your heart, yes. Your face then informs others of where you have been. By your face others will know.

Q: I’m having a sense of an ability in my face to be in sync with my heart.

John: Your face in sync with knowledge. Making knowledge seen.

Q: It’s so new, and I’m so in wonder and just totally reached by it and then that just goes straight into my face, and I feel like the childlikeness of it, the innocence. What’s going to come into my face, it’s just free to be there.

John: The coming back into your self is face first. It is through intimacy of being that you do reemerge in your self, changing it. The relevance of this through your face to your self is the change in your self. Through reemergence your face changes your self.

Q: Because it brings the knowledge into my self?

John: Lived in not just your heart but also your face.

Q: That would be the key to including my self and my person. And my body?

John: Alive and informed by what you have entered. It is all different than what you’ve been accustomed to in your self.

Q: I’m having a sense of knowing you through your face, because what you’re being is all there.

John: Awareness knowing, face to face.

Q: Which is at least part of the real purpose of having a person.

John: And a life.

Q: I just keep feeling the patterns coming up of just, “no, it’s too intimate or it’s too vulnerable”…because everything is coming up into my face. And I know that’s why I haven’t lived in that, because I’ve listened to those patterns that it’s not safe and it’s not okay. And I know that with you it’s totally safe and it’s totally met and taken care of in you. I know that that’s not how it is with everyone, and I know that that’s totally okay. It doesn’t need to be appreciated or met.

John: And nonetheless available, present in this world.

Q: And I guess for a lot of people that would be the most tangible way they would meet it, would be through another’s face.

John: In the same way you believe a baby. The way isn’t foreign. It’s just been left.

Q: How amazing for people to start seeing that in this world in the face of an adult. Like I know that’s been in your face in the world …and then for us to give our faces to it. Then people would start remembering that it’s not something that’s supposed to be there just when you’re a baby. It seems like a real bringing together of a lot in having this, allowing this into my face. Thank you so much. I love you.

John: You have known, you have been and you have done.

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