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A Zoom Café Conversation – January 24, 2021

When: January 24, 2021 1:45 pm

In the Jewel café, we enjoyed community connections and conversations with John in an intimate setting, supporting the developments in meetings. Now we have the Virtual Zoom Café! Enjoy this VOD from a recent café conversation with John.

“You have your level of choice to do to your self and your body, or with your self and your body what is yours to do, but then be informed. You can research both sides and after heavily researching you’re still not going to absolutely know. You’re going to have a much better idea and, based on that measure of idea, you do what’s clear to you.”

  • COVID-19 decisions: you have the power of choice from the deepest to the surface
  • Chronic illness: you’re dealing with the earth biome and your physical biome
  • Surviving matters; you need to be in all your self and in the world
  • Discern over-involvement and under-involvement; research and do what’s clear
  • Finding individual clarity on community or living out of town
  • Be honest to your deepest heart; correct or incorrect, what you do is clean

doing what you know from the depth of your being, what is true

January 31, 2021

Profoundly clearly well said


January 29, 2021

wonderful, spontaneous, and very helpful, thank you

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Access this VOD with a John de Ruiter TV Subscription

Access this VOD with a John de Ruiter TV Subscription

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