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The Awakening of Your Head: A Change in Your Brain

When: February 21, 2019 @ 2:00pm
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“Why does the energy of awakening get stuck in my head?” This woman is also aware of making a lot of effort in her spiritual search, which seems to make things worse. An illuminating teaching on fundamental relaxation, the head’s connection with the heavens, and how that changes the brain.

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Video Transcript

Q: Ever since I was in this spiritual search, I encounter the same problem which is that energy goes into my head a lot. So instead of dropping into my heart, it stays in my head, although there are quite a few awakening experiences, but I get snapped out very quickly. I couldn’t sustain it. So my question for you is, is that a real problem, as I’m thinking of, or how should I deal with it?

John: On deeper levels your head is your far out heart. The awakening of your head brings you, in your heart, into very high levels.

When your head is awakening and you’re in response to it, your brain is changing. When your head awakens it isn’t like your heart awakening. Your heart, awakening, fills your self with nurture. Your head, awakening, fills your self with the substance of seeing that comes from your being; that substance filling your self, which can feel, in your self, confusing, destabilizing.

As your head awakens and you’re in response to it, your ground is shifting from being in your self to your ground in your being. As you stay with it, the ground of being comes into your self and becomes the ground of your self, which fundamentally changes your self.

Q: I can see my self making a lot of effort. Is that effort necessary?

John: That effort, in relationship to what you’re awakening to, is tiresome and troublesome. It isn’t at all needed.

Q: In what sense is it not at all needed? Now I’m constantly trying to see, trying to relax, which makes me tighter.

John: Yes. It’s like when you lie down to go to sleep, trying to fall asleep. It keeps you awake. But if you just like falling asleep, in you go.

Q: So just being relaxed is enough.

John: But not relaxing in your mind: you’re not using your mind, your emotions, your will, your feeling or your body for you to relax. So this is a fundamental level of relaxation, a level of relaxation that isn’t through the use of any of your powers in your self. It isn’t through the use of your forms that you’re used to. It isn’t relaxation through the use of familiarity. It’s you, without the use of anything, relaxing. It’s you, in the midst of the movement of your forms, being still.

It’s like what you come into in a profound meditation. Then, once you realize that, what that is, that you be that profound stillness, that deep, inner, nurturing quietude, without slowing down your mind, your self, your emotions, your body, without you stopping anything that you’re used to. It’s just you, stopping, while you do whatever it is you do in your day. That makes your self belong to you, instead of what you’re easily used to, and that is that you belong to your self.

Your head consciously connects you to the heavens, if you’ll let your opened heart have your head.

Q: Thank you.

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