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Honesty is the One You Love the Most

When: September 12, 2014 @ 11:00am
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There isn’t a process to being with what you love. It doesn’t require effort. You will naturally be with what you value more. Honesty puts awareness into what it deeply knows it values the most.” To define “what you know the truth of,” John explains how truth is as natural and immediate as the connection between two in love.

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Video Transcript

Q: You emphasize “what you know the truth of”, these words, and I want to get some clarification about the meaning of these words. Is it different for different people? What does it mean that you say “what you know the truth of?” Because at one moment it could be something very deep, at another moment it can be, this deep space can be nothing but a memory; like something you know is there but it’s not the experience at the moment.

John: Everyone responds to what they know as long as there’s not a cost. When you go for a walk through nature, as soon as you’re in nature, you’ll respond to the beingness of nature. You’ll open and soften to your own being and then you begin to respond as a being to the beingness of nature. It’s, it’s so easy to respond within nature because it doesn’t cost you, but to be that kind of openness and that kind of fundamental response in a situation that’s not appealing to your self, you won’t do that or you won’t easily do that. You’re able to be with miserable people in the same way that you are in nature.

The knowledge of the truth isn’t something that’s cognitive. Your relationship to it is in your heart; it’s not in your head, so you’re either in your heart softening and opening to the knowledge of the truth, or you’re closing and hardening. It’s not a thought process. If something other than the truth occupies your heart, then you’ll intuitively close and harden your heart to what you know the truth of, and you’ll falsely open and soften your heart to what you want to have and what you believe you need, and then you’ll use your power to secure it.

When you go to sleep, you let go of your past and your day and your person and your self. You let go of all your patterning. It isn’t a cognitive process that you go through of letting go. You naturally let go because it’s true to what you really are and as long as there’s not a cost you’ll be what you really are, so falling asleep is not difficult.

Q: I can make this question less theoretical and more practical and speak about my experience now. I can feel the thoughts, and feel much more identified with the thoughts and not so much connected with the heart. It’s like they’re pulling me very easily. So in a moment like this it’s, I know that there’s something deeper than that, but it’s just a memory, you know?

John: But it isn’t just a memory. You’re knowing that there’s something deeper than your thought while a thought seems to occupy you or take you. As soon as you know that there’s something deeper, or there’s something within that matters more than the strength of your thought, if what you know actually matters more to you than what your thinking matters to you, then you’ll shift and you’ll, in that moment, belong to what you know.

If you have something expensive in one hand and something that’s not at all expensive in the other hand, and you’re required to let go of what is in your hand and it doesn’t make any difference which hand you use to let go, you will not let go of what is expensive in your hand. You’ll let go of what is of little value in your hand. There won’t be a struggle. You’ll naturally do according to what is of value to you. When what you know the truth of is of greater value to you than your own thinking, it won’t be, it won’t be difficult for you to let go of your thinking. You’ll naturally respond to the deeper you know than your own thinking.

When you really love someone and you’re physically separated from the one you love, nothing stops you from being with the one you love. When you really love someone you’ll be with them here (gestures to his heart). Physically, who you really love may be over there somewhere and you’re not able to get there. So physically you’re separate but here (gestures to his heart) you’re not separate. You know how to be with the one who you love. If you’re not able to be physically with that one, you ‘ll be with that one in your heart because it matters to you.

There isn’t a process to being with what you love. It doesn’t require, doesn’t require thinking. It doesn’t require effort. You’ll naturally be with what you value more.

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