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A day with John de Ruiter at the Yehiam Retreat in Israel

When: October 30, 2014 @ 2:00pm
Where: ,

People are responding worldwide to John and his message of knowing and meaning. Aside from regular meetings in Edmonton, Canada, John holds seminars and retreats in Australia, Israel, and several countries around Europe. These international events include lunches and informal meetings with John and those attending the meetings. People also connect via webcast as part of a wider international community. This Video was recorded at the retreat in Yehiam, Israel.

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Video Transcript

John de Ruiter is a world-renowned philosopher. He communicates an evolution of consciousness based on profound inner honesty.

“What happens, then, is that you’ll be reaching into deeper resources.”

Retreats with John are an opportunity to be close, to connect and be with him in many different settings, with other warm-hearted people from across the globe.

“Fear of vulnerability is incidental.”

In Yehiam, Israel, like all international retreats, John and his wife Leigh Ann are with us from morning ‘til night. The beauty of these days together is to rest into the heart. The heart, according to John, is the doorway to deeper levels of awareness.

Q: When we leave our bodies, how does love manifest?

“There’s an essence of being in each.”

Time with John is a chance to respond, deepen and transform. Days typically start with breakfast, or even a little yoga, if you like. In the mornings, we meet with John at an informal gathering. These get-togethers can be deep and still, or light and dynamic.

“It’s the familiar that’s going to change, not the deep, so then, build from the deep.”

Everyone is welcome to speak and ask questions in this open, relaxed format. Any topic is welcome, from the mundane to the most deep-reaching, from birth to death, daily challenges to lifelong truths. Questions about relationships and marriage, celebrated in this case with a fanfare of horns!

John holds up to five informal meetings throughout the day and night. Themes that develop often inform and enrich discussion in the formal meetings. There are two formal meetings each day: one in the afternoon, one in the evening. You may sign up at any time before or during the meeting to speak with John in a one on one dialogue, and meet in profound connection, with or without words.

Q: If I understood correctly, it’s not so much about what I’m doing; it’s why I’m doing it.

“Openness and softness of heart is what you know the truth of.”

People describe a deep peace, an overflowing love, or sometimes facing a quiet truth deep in the heart. Meeting John has great depth and goodness, while each connection is unique.

“Enter that door, and from within, you’ll know more.”

Between gatherings and meetings, John and Leigh Ann have lunch and dinner with different people, giving everyone a chance to meet and chat, light and deep, sweet – even spicy! Anything goes. Practical details are all arranged, allowing you to focus on what opens up within you. After the evening’s formal meeting, it’s late, but there’s still time for parties and enjoying each other’s company in lightness and celebration. We’ve been together now for four days, meeting, deepening, and realizing what we really are, until the next time.

“To some of you, see you soon. To others, see you later. With all of you, it’s lovely being together.”

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