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Welcome All Messengers …

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When: February 2, 2017
Morning Meeting

Q: I’ve received so much from being in the presence of masters, and life has showered me with grace. There have been weeks of total silence in my mind, but the experience stopped for some reason and I long to have it again. At the same time, I don’t want any more experience because it just comes and goes, and I want what will stay. I wonder what’s preventing that?

John: Don’t think lightly of the experiences just because they pass away. The experiences are important. They’re like messengers. The experience carries the message. Within an experience, the kind of experience that really matters to you … that conveys a depth of meaning, that awakens you … is full of depth and quality. That depth and the quality are the message in it. The depth and the quality within such experiences don’t pass away. 

Don’t overlook the messengers because they come and go. Have a deep, beautiful sensitivity to the messengers. Welcome them. Take care of them. They provide for you what you’re looking for. They provide what you know the truth of. They highlight what you always knew but didn’t know how to be in. 

Experiences deliver codes to you, the codes of the truth, within. It’s within an experience that the code of the truth is moving, so it isn’t just the truth, within, that moves within an experience. You don’t just come to a knowledge of the truth, within, but you realize how it moves. That movement is the movement of your being. 

You could wear the words upon your heart: “I welcome all messengers and I will really listen to what I know, within, as they come.” Love not turning away any kind of help.

When a messenger comes to you, don’t tell the messenger that you already know. 

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