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Trauma and the Healing of Your Nervous System

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When: March 1, 2020
Afternoon Meeting
Where: ,

Q: I’m a breath worker and I love what I hear about the being, and of the opening and softening of the heart. I know that people get pushed out of shape by the emotional charge that is held in the body at a cellular level, and that is the deal with trauma.

John: Your cells match you. Trauma that is held in the body is a manifestation of what you’re being in your body. Trauma doesn’t hold together on its own, so trauma doesn’t actually need any therapy, any guidance, any freeing, any loosening. 

You being unconditionally gentled and quieted in your heart at absolutely any personal expense, in all of your life, heals trauma. There is no process for healing to engage. Healing, the healing of the mind, the emotions, the will, feelings, the body, the nervous system, is all a fruit of being. It doesn’t require someone. It doesn’t first require a releasing. 

Q: I would love to be able to shift that reality. It just seems like an enormously big ask, given what I see every day. It's a huge reality shift.

John: It isn’t a big shift. It isn’t huge; it’s so small that thought, feeling, will or emotion aren’t capable of even seeing it.

The shift is in you, awareness, turning, without the use of thought, feeling, will, emotion or body: awareness directly turning into what it really is. If the turning back in, or the turning back into, what it really is is without the use of any form, it’s natural and it requires no time, no change at all of one’s space.

When you are absolutely done with healing, you heal without any movement. Healing is the result of you being what you really are in the midst of absolutely any mental or emotional condition. The nervous system follows. 

Q: That makes sense to me. 

John: The nervous system reflects everything that you have been in your past. 

The nervous system is made for what you really are: it’s made to register all you are as a being. We use it to register all that we think we are as distinct and separate selves. 

The nervous system turns into what we are being in it. 

Q: Thank you.


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