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What Can I Do About My Shyness?

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When: September 13, 2014
Evening Meeting
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Q: I experience my self as a very shy person. How I can adjust my shyness so that it doesn’t restrict me in certain situations?

John: Don’t adjust it or change it. Don’t cover it. Don’t be ashamed of it, and whatever that restricts in your circumstances, be genuinely okay with. In particular, don’t do anything with your face or your head to cover it, or with how you hold your lips. 

The reason that you have your shyness is that you are sensitive to being seen, and you feel uncomfortable in your self when you’re seen. That isn’t something to get rid of. Make no adjustments for it; just sweetly grow with it. 

When your shyness builds to the point of embarrassment, then for sure don’t do anything with your head or how you move your face – particularly how you slowly tighten your lips as your lips close. Just let the shyness beam, without the need of a defense or any protection. 

Stay with that, unconditionally, and you’ll awaken. Anything you do to compensate for it or to cover it prevents your immediate awakening. 

Q: You mean I’m closing my heart when I do it?

John: A little bit, and in those times when you desperately need to cover it in order to cope in a situation, then yes. If you judge the shyness in the way that some have judged you in it, yes: you’re closing your heart. When you judge it in the same way some have judged it, you shut your heart down. 

Delicately remove all of your ways of dealing with your shyness. 

Your heart needs to stay in your face, and it doesn’t matter how that makes you feel in your self.

Don’t do anything to save your self from your heart showing in your face.

Q: Thank you.



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