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Shining From Your Higher Self: The Finest Self Development

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When: November 15, 2002
Afternoon Meeting
Where: ,

Q: John, looking at you I feel deeply touched by your purity, silence and love. Thank you for being so available. You’ve spoken about taking care of what we know. Would you say more about it?

John: What would you be saying more about it?

Q: It should be the important thing in life to take care of that.

John: You began speaking about being touched by that. Continue speaking from being touched by that. It touches a delight in you. Speak about it from within that delight. 

Q: There is only silence.

John: It is true that there is stillness in it, but the moment the stillness that is in it moves, there is expression. Within the stillness you know what you know. When the stillness moves, you experience what you know and it moves through you as that. 

It is one thing to know what you know, which causes stillness within. It is another thing for you to surrender to what you know, and it is again another thing for you to let your self fully express what it is that you’re surrendering to.

First, there is the pull to see what it is that you actually know is true, within. Then there is the pull to surrender to that. Then there is the pull to express that. The pull, within, takes you without. 

The more that you respond to it the more that it naturally shines without, letting what you know in your heart shine from your heart. The light, within, revealed, is a shining light. 

It is the shining of that light, when you surrender to it, that always takes you past your self. That enables you to be extended beyond your self, within your self. That brings up within you a higher self – one that is able to reveal an even deeper light that brings about an even finer shining, a much finer expression. 

The shining of that is you again exceeding your self, being extended beyond your self, being able to embrace something within your self that is clearly greater than your self. 

It is the finding of this within your self, and the expression of this through your self, that is the finest and the most wonderful development of your self.

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