Planted in the Deep Within

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When: June 26, 2016
Morning Meeting

Q: I have difficulty with fully stepping into anything in my life, whether it’s the meetings, a friendship, music … anything. I just can’t seem to commit fully and it’s holding me back. Can you help with that?

John: Begin with the deepest of all of them instead of you working with all of them. They are all dependent on the deepest one, so you really only have one focus: the deepest that you know within. Step deeply and quietly into it, without, at first, making it practical. At first it has only to do with your interior. If you make it practical too quickly, you’ll leave the depth of your interior. Get planted in your interior first, in the deepest that you know in it, and leave out, for some time, all of your other concerns. They’ll only take you out of the deepest.

Then, you are all about the depth of your interior. It’s everything to you in a way that is way ahead of your self and your life. Its priority is ahead of everything. You belong in the depth of your interior. You can’t come from it if you don’t step into it, without connecting that to results on the surface. The truth deep within isn’t first practical. It is first you. It doesn’t become practical until you’re planted in it.

Q: Does it mean that once I’m planted in it, I can fully step into whatever I want?

John: That’s for later. You don’t need to have it all worked out in your mind first. Nothing matters as much as you dwelling within the depth of your interior.

Q: But how do I handle the rest of my life while I’m doing this?

John: Very lightly, without any weight or seriousness. All of the energy that you put into your self, your interests and your life belongs to the depth of your interior. That ends the illusion within your interests. Your life and your interests are as fragile as your health. Your deep interior isn’t.

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