Learning to See, Learning to Swim

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When: January 12, 2014
Morning Meeting

Q: I find since I was in the chair, something new has opened up when I’m being with people. What I find really new is that I can see that it doesn’t matter where the other person is being; it’s about me finding the other, whether that means having much or having little.

John: You’re coming from levels within that you were not coming from before and they’re not just levels in you but they’re made real in your body, so when you come from those levels then the deeper levels in your body are activated and you have mobility in them. Then you have a presence that moves as soon as your awareness moves. All you have to do is have a thought of coming from that, and you do.

Q: It totally registers in my body. It’s physically moving but also on the inside. There are a few people where there’s a magnetic pull. I have this strong sense that every one of those people is a tiny little bit of what’s next.

John: Now you’re mobile. You’re able to move beyond the experience of what you’re used to. Exercise it while you’re still aware of it. Exercise it all you can while you can still see, because when your seeing goes you’re not going to have the same ability.

Q: Why does the ability go?

John: It needs to. Just like when the day dawns and you come into a completely new day. The night has to come. How you develop during the day because of the opportunity that you have only comes with day. That prepares you for the night that’s coming. How you are in that night is really important because it prepares you for the day that’s going to come.

Q: So in the night I’m to stay with what I know, even if there’s no experience or ability, just completely believe it because that’s what’s real.

John: You exercise in your seeing by moving those deeper bodies. Your eyeballs develop, and when the time comes when the seeing leaves, whatever you developed of your eyeballs is going to represent the amount of seeing that you’re left with, the kind of seeing that you earned. If you haven’t exercised your deeper bodies and exercised your seeing, then you’ll have seeing even though you don’t have the physical eyes to be able to see yet, but the seeing is given to you. If you exercise that seeing, you will develop the physical eyes by which you’ll be able to see after the gift of that seeing is gone.

It’s like learning how to swim and you’re put out into the middle of a huge pond and this floating device has a certain time in which it dissolves. So if you just float around and enjoy it instead of using it in every way you can, then when it starts to dissolve it may be too late. Whereas if you float around and have fun, really exercise every ability you can with that floating device, by the time it dissolves, you’ll really know how to swim and you won’t need it.

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