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Is There A Life Plan For Me?

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When: May 2, 2021
Morning Meeting

Q: I have a question about arrangements between souls. If you plan to meet someone in this life, is it possible to miss that?

John: If it’s true, if it is of a truth and you’re in your heart, no. But don’t believe anything that you don’t know the truth of. 

Q: So it doesn’t really matter in the end.

John: That’s right. Don’t buy into concepts of truth just because they’re interesting and appealing. If you do, it will put you on a false trajectory.  

Q: I often feel this anxiety that I may not fulfill some kind of life plan, or miss something, somehow…

John: If there is such a thing, if you have anxiety about missing it, you’ll miss it. The anxiety has nothing to do with the deep, inner truth of anything. Be gentled and quieted in your heart and don’t believe anything that you don’t know the truth of. The truth within is first simple. 

Q: The concept of a life plan is another attempt to control or to do something. 

John: Yes. If you do have one but you don’t know it, believing that there is one for you will make you miss it. Believing anything you don’t know pulls you into missing the real.

The real begins with a deep inner beingness, opening and softening unconditionally at any personal expense, being gentled and quieted in your heart, and being the nurture of that. That’s your inner life. That alone will grow your inner garden. Don’t leave that for anything that’s presented in your self or for anything in the world. 

Q: I’m scared I’ll be lonely. If I go deeper and deeper into that, there are fewer and fewer people that can understand how I see the world, how I feel and perceive things. I’m scared of that.

John: That will make you lonely. Where you are in fear, you are not connective within, separated from your heart. If you’re believing your fears, you’re believing and taking to heart what is unintegrated in your self. Your heart then becomes full of your self instead of being full of what’s quietly real. 

Q: Thank you.

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