In This You Relate to Movement

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When: October 27, 2013
Morning Meeting

Q: What you said about the filters and the boundaries that you don’t need just keep melting away, it really matched what has happened because as I’m walking around I can feel my body and it’s not my physical body although it doesn’t exclude that. It’s like there’s all of these changes that have happened in it.

John: It’s a fundamental change.

Q: It’s pretty different. I’m just in the awareness of it and I’m quite strongly aware of how it’s different between my husband and I. We both dived into that conversation, each in our own way, and we are now meeting more by diving underneath ourselves than we are in ourselves and that’s very, very different for us.

John: It will reconfigure the two of you and it will reconfigure your relationship.

Q: And what’s the ‘it?’

John: What you’re relating to, what you’re coming into. The ‘it’ is what you’re responding with. It isn’t your self that you are responding with when you’re responding with deeper levels. There’s no reference to your self in that. No reference to filters and boundaries in your self. So then there’s also no containment in what you’re coming from and what you’re coming with. In your self you relate to containment. In this you don’t relate to containment; you relate to movement.

Q: And then really there’s just an extension of that movement through every level. That’s what’s happening, right? I got the taste of how the reconfiguration of our relationship, how I am with you, and how I am here, is going to keep on going.

John: It needs to move quickly because once you start to really come into it there is an enormous amount of unseen ground to cover. It needs to be able to move with great speed. From the deeper perspective, the perspective you’re gaining now, it is simply how you move.

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