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John de Ruiter Podcast 506

No Practise, No Path: An Effortless Movement of Being

September 15, 2016 @ 7:30pm

“No matter what, it keeps seeping in.” A conversation showing the endless, transformative ways our being naturally flows into our selves.

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499 – From Unhappiness to Clarity: Loving the Way You Know

The terms of this man’s new relationship feel frustrating and unacceptable to him. Why is it so painful and what can he do? There’s only one way, and John explains.

497 – Unquestionably Together: What it Means to be a ‘Love Team’

Being a ‘love team’ sounds so good! But what does it take to be in such profound harmony with another, and how would it change both you and your relationship?

490 – A Matrix of Meaning: Building a Real Relationship

The great, unseen potential of real relationship is opened up in this conversation. Exquisite, with no need of understanding, here is how two people can explore and be together in depths of meaning beyond themselves.

489 – No Longer Torn: Letting Goodness Choose

This person is feeling pain and fear around a big life change she wants to make, but her partner doesn’t. How can this be resolved, and what really matters?

487 – A Gentled, Quieted Heart: The Answer to Your Longing Within

A constant sense of being in a fight with life and in his relationship is explored in this conversation. What’s missing, and how can it be found?

478 – Together in Dearness, Simple and Pure

What does it mean to be in a real relationship, expressing a pure sexuality? John describes what comes first for unseen levels of love to be made physical.

427 – Multi-Dimensional Communion: The Awakening of Your Senses

Though the man in this dialogue has awakened to deeper levels of reality, he wonders how he can give form to what’s immaterial. John describes how this deeper reality is made physical, awakening the brain and body to a multi-dimensional communion.

411 – Authentically Relaxed: Free From the Need of Acceptance

An underlying need for approval undermines this young man’s confidence, particularly when it comes to women he is attracted to. John reveals the source of this experience and shows him the way to an authentic, relaxed way of being in any circumstance.

402 – Divorce – How can I Know it’s for the Best

Divorce: can being with a different partner fulfil all it seems to promise? Is there any truth to what feels like a soul connection? A dialogue full of big questions, deeply and delicately answered.

397 – It’s Never Too Late to Heal the Past

The imminent death of her mother opens for this woman the wish to heal their relationship, to know and be together in their bond before she dies. John shows her how easy it is, and speaks of the timeless, incorruptible nature of our bonds.

394 – Why A Relationship Won’t Answer Your Aloneness

One of the most common misunderstandings people face is the belief that a relationship will complete them. This dialogue reveals why that isn’t so and how being fundamentally free of this misconception is the beginning of true readiness for a meaningful relationship.

388 – Co-parenting With Your Ex: How to Stay Clear and Open

Is it possible to navigate the difficulties that arise in divorce and co-parenting from the peaceful way of being that’s known in meditation? John and the questioner explore how to live and move from all-weather inner peace.

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