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John de Ruiter Podcast 497

John de Ruiter Podcast 497

Unquestionably Together: What it Means to be a ‘Love Team’

When: April 6, 2014 @ 7:00pm
Where: ,
Being a ‘love team’ sounds so good! But what does it take to be in such profound harmony with another, and how would it change both you and your relationship?
“A love team has first nothing to do with your selves. A love team has to do with both of you completely being in your hearts, and there, open to what you know.”
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Podcast Transcript

Unquestionably Together: What it Means to be a ‘Love Team’

Q: To another couple you talked about there must be like love team, and I was excited about this term, and I thought it’s like very juicy idea, but I find myself to be in difficulty, not in harmony.

John: To have profound harmony, both of you need to be in your hearts unquestionably, and being together must be two hearts together, even though the selves you have are not able to function like that yet. And, while the two of you are in your hearts, awareness needs to go to what you know the truth of in your hearts. That truth isn’t going to be about your selves. It isn’t going to be about anything you experience as a self. The truth that you know in your heart, when you’re completely quieted in your heart so that your self is not a voice to you, what you know is that in your heart there is an opening. That opening in your heart is like a portal to your being.

If your heart in any way at all tightens a little bit, that portal closes. The smaller the portal, there’s a tiny opening, while you’re in your heart, a tiny opening to what you know in your heart, the portal into your being will open a little bit, a tiny little bit. What comes through that portal into your heart is a little bit of your own being, and through that movement there’s a little bit of your awareness that is able to enter through that portal into your being, and you’re able to be aware in both.

A love team is when the two of you are being this together. A love team has first nothing to do with your selves. A love team has to do with both of you completely being in your hearts and there open, open to knowing and open to what you know. And as there is some opening of the portal in your heart to your being and that’s occurring together, then you are teamed together, two moving together in what has nothing to do with your selves or your life. Then the two of you are together from within that portal, bringing something of your own beings not just into your heart, but into your selves and into your lives.

If your heart closes, the portal closes and whatever you believe you’re doing in your self, whatever you believe you’re being in your self isn’t what it feels like and it isn’t what you think it is. It’s separate from the portal. It’s separate from your own being. It’s actually occurring, but it’s not real. It’s actually occurring because the forms of your self, together with the form of your body, are being used for you in what you believe in awareness in your self, separate from the portal. So the forms will move. It will all be actual, but the meaning in it isn’t real. The realness comes from the portal.

Q: Opening heart or closing heart, it’s not like two positions. There is movement toward opening or moving toward closing.

John: Yes. When you’re not closing, you’re opening. When you’re not opening, you’re closing. You’re not capable of parking.

Q: Still, this movement has a lot of rhythms. Like, sometimes it can be quick, sometimes it can be very slow.

John: Yes. It’s all subject to the rhythms in your own being, so if you try to know it from within your self and match it in your self, it will be confusing.

You can wipe away that confusion by creating an illusion. You can simplify it all by just simply believing what you wish to be true, and you can make all of that real through the use of your self, but it won’t come from the portal. It won’t have the meaning of your being in it, so when you’re quieted in your heart you know that that’s not it. You know that it’s not real, even though you’ve made it all actual – it has form.

Q: So as long as it has a form it’s not real.

John: Illusion has form. It’s made of thought forms, emotional forms, feeling forms, and you can use the levels of your self to make all of that concrete in your experience.

When as awareness within that illusion you become honest to what you know the truth of in your heart, with the portal open, with you as awareness right in front of the portal, when you’re there, you know through the whole illusion. There, in front of the portal, the matter of illusion doesn’t hold together and you’re able to be what you know in your heart, facing the portal, and being that in the midst of your self. The illusion will come apart and it will feel like you’re coming apart. The illusion is put together in your experience. When it comes apart, it comes apart in your experience.

To be a love team, the illusion of the relationship will come apart. The reasons for holding the relationship together come apart. It will feel ultimately threatening to the relationship and to each of you, and you’re able to put that crumbling of the illusion temporarily on hold because you’re not sure in your experience of this much that’s coming apart, and you can do a quick check. You can leave your self and not only be in your heart but completely face the portal and know again, and you’ll know the same. You’ll know what is the illusion in each of you and in the relationship, and then you go back into your selves and in the relationship and continue to let that which you know is illusionary come apart in your experience, while being what you knew in facing the portal. It’s scary in your self; it’s fundamentally threatening, and in your beings coming together it’s glorious.

Being a love team isn’t a great idea. As soon as it’s a great idea, the illusion will be expanded. Being a love team isn’t fundamental to your selves. It’s fundamental to your beings, made real in your selves.

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