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John de Ruiter Podcast 509

John de Ruiter Podcast 509

Bonds of Being

When: July 1, 1999 @ 2:00pm
In this detailed and at times humorous dialogue, John reveals the magical bonds of being that occur when one spectrum of consciousness encounters another.
“When you pay your bill at a restaurant and very briefly meet the cashier, if you’re open inside there’s a bonding that happens.”
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Podcast Transcript

Bonds of Being

Q: How many bonds of being do we have? Is it similar to this soul partner concept where there’s only one, or is there a bunch of them, or is there just like thousands of them for any one person.

John: Any contact of consciousness with another consciousness initiates a bond of being. When you pay your bill at a restaurant and very briefly meet the cashier, if you’re open inside, there’s a bonding that happens, so there’s a freshness that’s there. There’s a bond of being in that. It’s something completely new being touched and having some form. So there’s something really there.

A friendship, within a friendship there is a bond of being. It’s the kind of bond that fills out a lot more space than having an acquaintance with someone. A brother or sister, there’s a bond of being. There’s a whole lot there, in form, of many, many little touches of newness even though we use the basis of that relationship to get something. The basis of that relationship is still made of many, many tiny little touches of newness that are there in form, so there’s really something there. If you let go of everything that holds you together, that something that was there will still be there. It won’t disappear.

When your heart is seeing a tree or a flower, there’s a bond of being that happens. When the heart is open and we’re not relating to a familiar universe but there’s an innocence that is allowing itself to see, an innocence then encounters something else. Then innocence completely opens up to that and lets it in and there’s a merging, there’s a bonding that happens. We have a whole universe in form but this universe we only perceive; we don’t know it. There’s not a bonding with it; it’s not a realized, living universe. It’s only a universe that we perceive, that we look at, and we say “this is our universe” but it’s set here. We don’t know this universe yet, even though we are in it.

When the whole heart opens up and there’s nothing holding it together, then the heart begins to, in newness and in freshness, touch by touch, through every thought and through every feeling, there’s, there’s a brand new encounter between you as consciousness and the consciousness of a tree or the consciousness of a star, or the consciousness of another person. And as soon as that touching between the two consciousnesses happens there’s this stuff that joins the two. All they have to do is just see each other: one touch, and there’s a, there’s a permanent bonding that you can’t separate.

If you’re existing as this instead of you, then you’ll be slowly realizing the whole universe. Then the whole universe in this unseen stuff of being, the whole universe will take form. It’ll take form inside of you. It’ll take form by the way of intimacy so you’ll no longer perceive the universe; you begin to encounter what the universe really, really is and it’s you as consciousness encountering more consciousness. And then an instant union happens. So there’s an intimate realization of being that begins to know the whole universe.

Wherever there is no bond of being, then there’s no reality. You can be driving your car, but if there’s not a bond of being with the consciousness that that vehicle is, then you’re not driving a car. You’re just doing something unconsciously. There’s nothing real happening. Then we’re existing robotically inside of mental and emotional patterns, disconnected from that touch of being that extends itself to, realize and to touch everything – to know, intimately know everything.

For you as consciousness to let this happen, so that the only thing that is being expressed in your heart is only something that originates from a living bond of being, for you to completely let that in, a first realization that you would have is how unconscious you are, or how closed and encrusted in depth you are. When you really begin to let this in, you’ll know that, there is such a thing in you – this bond of being, this living touch – that everything that it touches, it utterly and completely knows it intimately; that this is something that you know, but how much of your existence is represented by that?

When we really let that in then we find out how completely destitute we are. Then we realize that this universe that we think we’re in, we are separate from it; that our way of being in this universe isn’t through this magical unseen intimacy that, touches everything with pure, clean heart. It’s like complete newness opening up and touching, and with each touch there’s a permanent bond of being. The universe that you perceive on the outside is coming into form on the inside and waking up, and it’s an entirely different universe.

Where there is no bond of being there is not anything. Then there’s just ideas. Many things that we do and try, but there’s nothing there – just thoughts and feelings that we’ve created and put together to make something up, something that we can be in, but there’s no bond of being in it. The being isn’t participating in that idea, so then you’re alone in that idea and there’s nothing there. We only believe there’s something there, but we know there is nothing there because it’s empty. There are thoughts and feelings there, and yet it’s empty.

Q: I’ve sometimes had the experience of doing that opening up to everything it’s like accepting, opening, letting go of all the barriers to my heart and accepting everything, and it’s not just like, if I was to do it for chair, it’s not just “yeah, I accept that chair” but like really allowing the energy of the chair into my heart and not separating from it at all. Is that what you are talking about?

John: But when you are doing that, you’re not using anything that’s familiar to you when you look at that chair. Then it’s newness looking at it. When newness looks at the chair, then newness sees something that’s living. Then it’s consciousness encountering consciousness, and then there’s a bond that happens. there’s recognition of this living, intimate stuff that you get pulled right into and you become one with.

Q: From talking to other people here, there seems to be a common experience which I have shared recently as well, which is – people are going, “oh, no, I wonder who my bond of being is with. God, I hope it’s not with that person.” (laughter) As if there is only one bond of being, and it’s like “oh no we are going to be thrown together, even if I don’t like them” sort of thing. So we can all stop worrying about that? (laughter)

John: Whoever you’re most disgusted with. (laughter)

Q: Yeah, I’ve done that, become awesomely okay with, you know, having a bond of being with the most… you know…

John: Could it be because there’s the most real bond there?

Q: Could be, but not necessarily.

John: That’s true! (laughter) The more significant bond of being takes place when there’s one and another consciousness that are of the same spectrum of consciousness. So it’s like two people, not just a tree and a person, but two people. Then there’s the same spectrum of consciousness encountering each other, and then the more that there is a way of being that’s true, and this way of being that is true is matched between the one and the other – and it’s not a match of personality or a match of personal experiences. There’s nothing to do with compatibility; it has to do with two spectrums of consciousness that are the same, and the way of being in each is the same. Then that creates a much, much larger, thicker, fuller pull.

The deeper it goes, the further it’s reaching inside of consciousness, the more that it’s deep calling to deep, the slower it moves. When it’s much lighter within consciousness, and much lighter within another and there’s a meeting and a bonding, then it’s more like a splash. There’s a lightness in it so it can happen quickly. The deeper it goes between two of the same spectrum of consciousness, the slower it happens because there’s an awe within consciousness. It’s like there’s a shock of wonder and it slows everything down. And then it’s consciousness slowly responding within that and touching something, letting itself realize what it is that is there that is so profoundly moving and connecting. The deeper that it comes from the slower that it moves.

Q: I came across a new form of astrology in which they have all these connectors between different chakras or energy centres, and then they do your chart and it’s like the connectors all have two halves, and you might have one half of this and other half of the other. And they said you really connect well with somebody when you have got one half of the connector and the other person’s got the other half and that’s when you really connect well. So there’s no truth in that at all? Okay, cool, because it sounded a bit complicated to me!

John: There is truth in that. The more ego there is, the more it works (laughter) because then it’s a matching of compatibility where there’s the least amount of patterns that are going against each other so they manage to fit the best. But there’s no union in that. That’s just the easiest set of patterns to fit together and exist together without ruining anything too fast.

Q: I’ve never thought of my car having a consciousness. Sure, a piece of metal has a certain consciousness, but is that consciousness changed when it’s put together with other bits of metal and then it acquires its own consciousness?

John: Because there’s a consciousness that builds that car, even though it doesn’t know what it’s doing: it’s just building a car, it’s not working with consciousness but still something is being put together. When metal is melted down and formed into something of specific use, the use of that opens up the consciousness within the consciousness of what that metal is. All of this happening in all of these parts coming together to make a vehicle, and all it is is metal and plastic and stuff. This car has a use; it’s able to do something. So the consciousness of every atom within that car, they’re all aware of what’s happening, so there’s a collective consciousness within a car.

Q: Is this separate and distinct to, like, putting love into your food when you make it. Would a car have a different type or flavour of consciousness if it was made with love?

John: If there’s an open heart building something then the consciousness of every particle involved is responding to that heart. If someone that is awakened builds a house, the energy of that house will be very different than someone that’s not awakened that builds the very same house.

Q: My sister’s recently got into macrobiotics, so it’s not okay to eat this, and it’s not okay to eat that and it’s not okay to eat that. Is that an accurate appraisal?

John: Inasmuch as you’re not home everything’s not okay. Inasmuch as you’re not home you’re damned if you eat anything, (laughter) because inasmuch as we’re not home we do everything out of not- okayness. We do everything with effort, with striving, with purpose, with intent, and an intent that isn’t true.

The whole health industry, especially the whole alternative health industry, it’s purely a not-okay industry. It’s an industry that takes us away from home. It promises something that appears to be real and it’s not. It’s what we may think we need, and it’s not what we need. It works for the body but it doesn’t work for you. Anything that you do will never work. Macrobiotics is just something to get busy about so that you don’t have to go home. It’s a way of not looking at what does matter when we make something that doesn’t matter, matter.

Going home heals the body, not food. Food only assists the part of you that is home, because the consciousness of food, it only relates to whatever part of you as consciousness is presently being real, and if it’s only a very little bit then (that’s) all the food is responding to is that in you. Food can see you. People don’t, but food can. People see the personality. Food sees living consciousness. However little might be left over, it sees it and it touches that.

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