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John de Ruiter Podcast 510

John de Ruiter Podcast 510

Removing the Veils of Illusion: The Unseen Made Seen, Through You

When: March 26, 2016 @ 2:00pm
This conversation takes us on a journey beyond our seen reality into unseen realms within, and John describes the subtle veils that separate us from being the love that we most deeply are.
“What we deeply love the most is being without any veils, and what we desperately fear the most is to give them up.”
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Podcast Transcript

Removing the Veils of Illusion: The Unseen Made Seen, Through You

Q: I wanted to ask how we can make our home here in this realm with our feet in the deep. Yesterday I heard you say it’s for the imbalance in the unseen to be seen. It’s not clear to me what that means.

John: The principle by which awareness goes out of balance in the seen is the same in the unseen, and it has form. The imbalance has form within the seen and the unseen.

Within what is seen, the unseen is hidden. Similarly, the subconscious self, the subconsciousness within the self, is largely hidden from the conscious self; awareness within the conscious self all the while believing that choice is its own, not realizing that its behavior and its ways are mostly controlled by the subconsciousness. This principle follows through in other dimensions and realms that exert power and influence in this realm, though not seen.

With what is occurring here the veils between the seen and the unseen, both in our selves and outside of our selves, are being removed.

Q: I have a better understanding of the veils in me, but on the outside, externally, that’s not so clear to me how it parallels.

John: Your other brain, so to speak, is opening. It’s awakening. You’re beginning to have awareness in it, so by that you’ll see. You need the rest of your brain awakened and accessible to your awareness for you to register and see and move in the rest of reality that is unseen.

Q: I have a sense of timelessness, and that is a quality that I recognize when I move toward what’s deeper. I recognized recently the importance of sleep, that something happens in the sleeping phase of the day that’s changed my daytime experience of the day. My energy levels during the day have changed because of my embracing the night more.

John: Embracing the other functions of your brain that you’re beginning to come into, while you’re awake. You’re connecting the two.

These veils that separate between the seen and the unseen function intricately throughout our selves. Once it’s pointed out, it becomes surprising that you didn’t see it before, but that’s the whole nature of it. Its patterning makes it difficult to see, while at the same time the pattern of it is intricately woven within your self.

When you’re in a personality play, the awareness of your self becomes quickly obscured, unseen, while the heart is even more unseen. You can move through these somewhat unseen veils in your self. Each time you do, it is at a cost to what is in your self around those veils. We don’t want to see the veils because the seeing tampers with our sense of control. The level of control within the veil is completely other than the level of control that we experience in our selves. We don’t want to see the powers of illusion that have form in our selves. The identity cannot cope with deeper seeing. It goes through crisis and invites the illusion to make everything better again.

These unseen veils on multiple levels in our selves and also outside of our selves are all pathways that belong to our complete function as awareness from the deepest levels, within, outwards.

When we, as awareness within our seen forms, inadvertently come a little bit close to a veil in our selves or outside of our selves, we register the resonance of much more and, because we can’t relate from within what is seen to that more, we fear. The fear keeps us safe from what we don’t want to know and what we don’t want to see. The illusion continues while we think we feel better.

When there is a profound honesty in the midst of the seeing, we register levels of separation that are confusing to everything that makes sense to us in what is seen. To step into the resonance of that separation, registering it as awareness, brings pain into our selves. We begin to register the actual condition of our selves, that condition being multileveled separate, and we know how to make all of that go away.

In this room, if you can even really call it that, unseen reality is being moved and made to be seen and registered because it is love that moves it. You, awareness, naturally open, soften, realize, know, respond, see, and enter. Your brain changes and with that your nervous system.

Q: This is what I’ve experienced in the last years of being here. What is the story of our incarnations? What is it that we achieve, coming as human beings? It’s somehow encapsulated in what you’ve just described.

John: We come into the function of our forms, the seen forms, as innocence; innocence meaning that as awareness we are unable to relate to what is separate. We are unable to relate to the conditioning of our own environment. The conditioning isn’t related to as something that’s real. What is real then is the natural movement of our own deeper levels, the movement of our being in the midst of our little, yet developing, bodies.

As we comprehend some of the perceived benefits or interests of the conditioning and what is separate, as we step into it, it works, with the result that we become the same: conditioned in our awareness of reality, and separate. What seeing that we’ve had, the direct knowledge that we moved in, in the unseen as innocence, within this separate environment, can no longer be related to. When we step into and relate to the conditioning and relate to how separateness in our environment functions, we come into an unnecessary seeing which obscures our real seeing. The result of that in our nervous system is pain.

We are here to be all of the unseen, as we move into these strange, awkward forms that don’t represent what we really are: love in the midst of varying degrees of hostile environments. For what we are as beings, it’s perfect. The perfection of that is compromised as soon as we leave our innocence and we buy into the illusion.

We are here as the unseen to radiate into the seen. As we live this in innocence, our strange forms develop and change to match the unseen that we’re being. As that occurs, there is an increase of the profound resonance in this world of hope, where we know that there is more than what is seen, but the reality of that moving by different laws.

These veils can be removed in this world, but only by the veils being removed first in our selves, giving us our full seeing back: the restoration of the multiple levels of love that we are, all functional through the healing of our selves – the healing being the removal of the veils – enabling the self to begin to move in the same way that we move as beings.

The aspects of the self, each being separate from the other because of the veils, are incapable of moving independently, in the way that our beings move. The self cannot move as a being with the veils in place. What we most deeply love the most is being without any veils, and what we desperately fear the most is to give them up. The veils have become the enablers of our separate way of being, empowering us to live a life of illusion.

Q: Is this something that we do psychically? Do we return to visit this over and over again?

John: Every day.

With the veils being removed in our selves through sustained, unconditioned openness and softness of heart, the pathways of these veils separating the aspects of our selves register instead as portals, connecting all of the aspects, bringing about an unknown-before function of our selves. Its way and movement is the same as our being, where the unseen and the beyond radiate from our selves.

A self without these veils is like this world without self-interested borders. For that to follow through into the fabric of this world would be the end of this world as we’ve known it; the end of our selves as we have experienced our selves. The functional aspects of our selves, controlled by conditioning, function multileveled when the aspects all together move as one.

Q: Is it the case that we are, in perspective of the big world, a small beginning?

John: A little world within which is a big, big beginning – little in the sense that it is incapable of controlling what is altogether different. The artificial cannot control the real.

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