John de Ruiter Podcast 511

John de Ruiter Podcast 511

The Making of A New Self

When: October 29, 2011 @ 2:00pm
Where: ,
The sense of having nothing to hold onto allows a moment of communion, an experience of being. John explains when holding has value and when it is merely conditioning, coming between us and what we really are.
“You’re able to make your self without the use of your self. For you to do so you need to have your ground, within, only in what you know the truth of, within.”
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Podcast Transcript

The Making of A New Self

Q: There’s nothing to hold on any more if I sit in front of you, and at the moment there is the sensing that integration can happen, whatever is it there.

John: In the absence of any kind of holding, what we really are is in communion. Any kind of holding interferes with that. The holding isn’t needed.

Q: It still happens sometimes.

John: Then where there is a holding you’re able to learn quickly what doesn’t work. You’ll be coming to a heart understanding of what doesn’t work. What makes it a heart understanding is your own knowing, within, of what does work.

You don’t know yet how to consciously do what is occurring here. Your sense of doing comes from your self. In your self, when you do, you hold to something. It’s not an illegitimate holding. Without that holding you couldn’t do as a self, but the doing, within, that is deeper than what your self is, such doing doesn’t work and it doesn’t help. The doing is of a completely different kind.

For you to continue in this, ultimately you’ll need to realize and learn how to do what you are without using anything at all of your self, without using anything of who you are. That puts your self and who you are into the control of what you are. Then your self and who you are is directly the result of your being what you are, what you first are, and doing as that, instead of your self and who you are being the result of your conditioning, being the result of your environment and the result of your choices in the midst of that environment.

You’re able, instead of just simply having a self…you’re able as what you first are, the unseen, to make your self. In making your self you cannot use anything that is already of your self or you’ll just be making more of what has already been. You’ll be using your past and your conditioning to make more of the same kind of self that you’re used to.

You’re able to make your self without the use of your self. For you to do so, you need to have your ground, within, only in what you know the truth of, within. You need to be coming from what is unseen in the midst of everything that is seen.

For now, we have our communion without your doing something. It gives you the experience of being, that doesn’t come from the use of your self. This makes real to you what is deeper, within, than what your self is.

Q: My sense is that it can deepen so easily. There’s this feeling at the moment that the old self can just disappear.

John: That’s the effect of it. That’s because you’re being taken into what is deeper than your self. It is so real to you and so much your knowing the truth of it that that has you relating to not needing your self; that you don’t need your self in this at all. What you don’t have is the form of this on the level of your self, meaning that in your self you won’t be able to sustain the experience, the reality of this.

Q: Can it happen?

John: Yes, just not alone.

Q: It’s the support of these people and with you with the same interest.

John: You’re dependent first on what you’re knowing the truth of. You’re completely dependent on knowing, and you’re dependent on learning, as that, on what you know is occurring here.

Q: Then there is nothing else.

John: There is nothing else in the sense that this then becomes your first priority.

Q: I thought it is already since a certain time, but there still may be something in between.

John: Have nothing in between.

Q: Thank you.

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