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John de Ruiter Podcast 548

Right Side Up: No Longer Taking Your Stress to Heart 

February 26, 2012 @ 7:00pm

The responsibilities that come with working in the world can feel stressful. Is there a way of moving more lightly in it all? John explains how it’s all dependent on what we belong to, within.

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544 – Evolving as Pure Awareness in War and Peace

An epic conversation that reveals what we’re here for, how to help people suffering the effects of war, what can change the planet, and why it’s up to us.

538 – Finding Dearness When Difficulty Has Your Attention

“You don’t need to fix your self …” John responds to the pain this person is feeling about her experience of lost innocence and love, and invites her into the goodness, deeper within.

532 – Healing Your Past: From Fear to Freedom

Fully responding to new awakenings can bring disturbance, pressure, and unexpected sadness. John explains why this is so, the goodness of what’s happening, and how the past is healed.

528 – The Opening of Your Subconscious: An Internal Climate Change

John reveals the way in which a tiny bit of warmth, openness and softness can bring about inner transformation, even in the midst of an experience of disintegration and vulnerability.

524 – Uncovering the Source of Mental Tension

Mental tension and sleeplessness … is it possible to reach the cause when it’s unconscious? John describes how tension is created and how to belong to the nurture that is its healing.

523 – Honest Suffering: Healing the Split Between Your Self and Your Being

John responds to a person longing to find home within, yet repeatedly caught in patterned ways. He explains how we can move on two different levels, forming a living bridge that heals the split, within.

484 – Your Real, Deeper Happiness

Have you ever felt the victim of a broken agreement? John explains the difference between the hurt that comes with broken trust, and the emotional reactivity in becoming a victim. He exposes the core belief that lies beneath and keeps us dependent on others for our own happiness.

475 – Warmly Okay Within: From Personal Pain to the Joy of Being

“While you’re in a body there isn’t an end to pain…” John explains why this is so, and shares the magical power in our own deeper levels that can transform the experience of pain to happiness and joy.

451 – The Beautiful Impracticality of Being Real

The woman in this dialogue senses that her experience of a fear of disappearing stands between her and what is real. John explains the supreme importance of this turning point in her life: it’s the door to the real, to what she was born for but didn’t understand.

447 – Clarity Within an Eating Disorder: The Key to an Uncommon Perspective

A far-reaching conversation exploring this woman’s fear of gaining weight, and the limits of her treatment so far. John’s responses take us beyond worldly norms and conventional therapy into the bigger picture, offering a radical shift of perspective.

442 – Out of Pain and Into Love

Why is it that love in relationship often comes with mental, emotional and physical pain? John describes the belief systems and sense of individuality this all comes from, and how to make a full return to the love that we were born to be.

439 – Finding Joy and Peace: A Return to Your Home Within

Finding home, within, is a painful struggle for this person. Even being in the world is difficult. John shows her an easy way to be genuinely at home, within, and live from a real, eternal quality of life.

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