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John de Ruiter Podcast 506

No Practise, No Path: An Effortless Movement of Being

September 15, 2016 @ 7:30pm

“No matter what, it keeps seeping in.” A conversation showing the endless, transformative ways our being naturally flows into our selves.

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484 – Your Real, Deeper Happiness

Have you ever felt the victim of a broken agreement? John explains the difference between the hurt that comes with broken trust, and the emotional reactivity in becoming a victim. He exposes the core belief that lies beneath and keeps us dependent on others for our own happiness.

475 – Warmly Okay Within: From Personal Pain to the Joy of Being

“While you’re in a body there isn’t an end to pain…” John explains why this is so, and shares the magical power in our own deeper levels that can transform the experience of pain to happiness and joy.

451 – The Beautiful Impracticality of Being Real

The woman in this dialogue senses that her experience of a fear of disappearing stands between her and what is real. John explains the supreme importance of this turning point in her life: it’s the door to the real, to what she was born for but didn’t understand.

447 – Clarity Within an Eating Disorder: The Key to an Uncommon Perspective

A far-reaching conversation exploring this woman’s fear of gaining weight, and the limits of her treatment so far. John’s responses take us beyond worldly norms and conventional therapy into the bigger picture, offering a radical shift of perspective.

442 – Out of Pain and Into Love

Why is it that love in relationship often comes with mental, emotional and physical pain? John describes the belief systems and sense of individuality this all comes from, and how to make a full return to the love that we were born to be.

439 – Finding Joy and Peace: A Return to Your Home Within

Finding home, within, is a painful struggle for this person. Even being in the world is difficult. John shows her an easy way to be genuinely at home, within, and live from a real, eternal quality of life.

422 – Quietly Moving Forward: Raising Your Self as Your Child

Why can’t I enter life more fully?’ The sense of isolation that comes from feeling like an observer in his life brings this man to ask for John’s guidance in letting go of whatever is holding him back.

421 – Free From Childhood Trauma: Unlock Your Nervous System

“I’m haunted by my abusive past. How can I let it go?” John shows us how our beliefs are embodied in our nervous system, creating experience we make our reality. He shows how real healing doesn’t come from understanding but from something much simpler: unconditional openness and softness of heart.

404 – True Sensitivity: No Story, No Drama

Is it okay to be acutely sensitive to the pain of others? As we awaken, do we continue to feel this much pain? John describes the difference between a clean piercing of the heart, and sensitivity that’s really about our own issues and stories.

373 – What Pain, Guilt and Shame are Trying to Tell You

A painful physical experience has woken this man up to his body and the power of love in healing. He’s shocked to see how he’s neglected his body and wants to change, but how? John encourages him to let his feelings of guilt create a love-relationship with his body starting with the simple enjoyment of being in it “in the little things”.

361 – Opening Your Heart: The Antidote to Emotional Pain

For the most part, emotional pain is considered something to be avoided. But what if emotional pain was actually an invitation to something much deeper? In this dialogue John illustrates how profound honesty in the midst of pain is a pathway to what we really are.

347 – Healing from Sexual Abuse

A woman who is visited by her experience of sexual abuse as a child wants to be able to leave her past in the past. John shows her how, as quiet love, she can be authentically at peace with her experience; that this – and all else in her subconscious – can truly heal.

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