John de Ruiter Podcast 380

John de Ruiter Podcast 380

Dark Entities and Lucid Dreams: At Peace in Any Circumstance

When: April 28, 2020 @ 11:00am
This young man has been having a distressing time with dark entities in his body, dealing with them in his lucid dreams. John reveals the antidote to his struggle, opening up the truth of what such entities are really looking for from him.
“Entities are all about the packaging. That includes the packaging of goodness, love. They’re attracted to insincerity.”
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Podcast Transcript

Dark Entities and Lucid Dreams: At Peace in Any Circumstance

Q: Hi. It’s wonderful to get this opportunity. About eight months ago I experienced a severe trauma. It has been a very awful, very difficult and also very transformative eight months. Among many things that have happened there’s been a very deep surrender, very deep energetic opening and I can say that I have given this life completely to this process. I realize how bizarre it sounds, but as the energy is cleared out this body, there are these entities that I feel, and I can feel anchored physically in the body. I can feel them in the intestines. I can feel them at different points on the skeletal frame, and they are something like molluscs, or octopuses, and it’s bizarre. I’ve been gifted the ability in the dream state, to become lucid and I can remove some of the attachments but there’s just a lot here on this body. I’m looking to you as an older brother on the path, somebody who I sense has deeper understanding of the terrain and sees deeper, the human self.

John: They can only work with the artificial. They work with anything that you’re invested in, any investment in your self, any investment in your thinking and your feeling – it doesn’t matter what it’s about – any investment in your self concerning spirituality. The only thing that they can’t work with is what is real, nurturing and true. That leaves nothing for your self. They cannot work with goodness.

Anything that matters to you in your thinking or your feeling, positively or negatively, is their territory. Polarization on any subject is their territory.

Q: It sounds like I’m getting confirmation that that’s the appropriate path: just continue to surrender into this innocence.

John: As long as you are not about surrender. If you’re into the subject matter of surrender, that’s their territory. Surrender works where there is separation. It doesn’t work in oneness. Where you are separate from oneness, as you, awareness, nurturingly relax you return to being what you really are. You’re surrendering to being what you really are. It isn’t a subject matter. It isn’t a topic.

Q: Is it appropriate in these lucid dream states to call on support?

John: Where the call is a movement of sincerity, yes. But as you move in that depth of sincerity you also start to realize what you don’t need to do for you to be in that sincerity. The doing falls away. That includes asking for help. Asking for help works where there’s sincerity in it. Once you realize that, you can be the sincerity without the packaging.

Q: I really appreciate the sincerity that you’re meeting this question with. I couldn’t bring this up with a psychiatrist or something! I really appreciate this opportunity.

John: Entities are all about the packaging. That includes the packaging of goodness, love. They’re attracted to insincerity.

Q: That’s perfect!

John: If you are about nurture, love, surrender, truth, goodness, entities are into you. Anything that exists in you as subject matter, they’re into.

Q1: Yeah.

John: Any goodness narrative, truth narrative, spiritual narrative: they live off of that.

Q: Would you be able to define the qualities that they are not able to live off?

John: Profound honesty. The honesty of your quietude, within. Entities are not into qualities of heart and of being. They’re into all the stories around qualities of heart and being, but they’re not into the actual qualities.

Q: That’s perfect. That’s beautiful. Thank you so much. It happens most nights that I become lucid in the dream state, and at that point what to do with it? I guess that’s the question: what to do?

John: Concerning your interior, don’t do anything. Open. As soon as you look to do something, you’ll make it about your self.

Q: The psychic surgeries that I’ve been doing, sort of extracting the attachments or tentacles, or whatever of these entities and removing old strands of karma …

John: They like that! If you work with something, that gives them something to work with.

Q: So, in the waking state, this just deepening, deepening of the softening and the opening …

John: Without result. Without an object. Without you having any object in mind. Without you having results in mind.

Q: So just relaxing into this nurturing, nourishing space.

John: Without result. If it’s for a result, then the entities say “party’s at your place!”

Q: You’re saying it’s safe to do that when I become lucid in the dream, it’s safe to do that same relaxation without any object?

John: Yes. Truth within is safe. You being what you really are within, without focus, without result, is safe. The real is safe. Doing to be isn’t safe.

Q: It’s felt a little bit like a burden that I’m squandering this gift of lucidity and this feels like a relief. I can feel my nervous system relaxing.

John: Have no investment in any kind of dreaming. What you are is a warm, delicate, tender okayness that is not for any reason.

Q: Just to really get into the details, if it’s a hellish dream, a nightmarish dream, even still in that space.

John: Warm, delicate, tender okayness.

Q: If I’m being attacked in the dream – whatever it is.

John: Warm, delicate, tender okayness.

Q: Beautiful!

John: If you have a heavenly dream, warm, delicate, tender okayness.

Q: Beautiful.

John: It doesn’t matter what kind of dream. It doesn’t matter what kind of self you have. It doesn’t matter what kind of past you have. It doesn’t matter what your experiences are.

Q: Oh, it’s such a relief! Thank you so much. I feel the question has been resolved. I feel it’s responded to. Thank you so much.

John: What you are is one cell: a single cell of happiness in any kind of system, any kind of mind, any kind of body, any kind of life. Not a body of happiness – just one cell. You won’t leave that one cell to make your body better.

Q: I’ve just been so lost, not knowing what to do, and it sounds like that’s okay. I don’t have to figure all of this out.

John: Don’t figure all of this out! You have warmly, delicately, not a thought, no concern of ever falling out of heaven and no concern of ever getting out of hell. You’re like an amoeba in absolutely any kind of ocean; that you really are quietly okay without any reason. If you’re happy for a reason, entity party is at your place!

Q: (laughs) Yeah!

John: If you are happy without a reason, there’s nothing there for them to party in.

Q: I’m finding as this relaxation becomes deeper, that these waves of nauseating and almost undigested divisions are coming forward. It’s old memories, it’s old shame, it’s old pain. A lot of it is feeling unsafe, feeling alone, so I sort of walk into that space and I allow that child to release the energy, and it does. It does feel very healing.

John: Stop healing! Don’t heal, don’t release the energies, don’t do anything for you to be.

Q: When these waves come through …

John: They’re none of your business. The condition of your self is none of your business – but warmly. It’s a delicate warmth.

Q: Yeah. A part of me worries that something in me will hear that as repression, and that these energies will just stay frozen until the day I die and then I’ll have to experience them.

John: That’s fine. Real freedom is when you are genuinely, deeply, quietly, not in any need of freedom anymore. You are at peace in having no peace, so it’s a level of peace that’s fundamental to you. It isn’t fundamental to your experience or your self. You are at peace as is.

Q: Yeah. It’s a messy journey.

John: Then you have reward in being complicated. Life can be messy, your self can be messy: what you really are is not messy. The truth within is not messy. You being it is not messy. It is nurturingly simple.

Good night.

Q: Good night. Thank you, John.

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