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John de Ruiter Podcast 379

John de Ruiter Podcast 379

A Different Perspective on COVID-19: A Life Changing Cleanse

When: March 22, 2020 @ 12:00pm
The pressure of the COVID-19 situation has the woman in this dialogue opening up to an unseen world within, changing her whole experience of her self. She explores with John the perspective of our world situation as a life changing, planetary cleanse, offering a fundamental shift of orientation, and how to be taken over by this infusion of a different life.
“This virus coming up in the way that it is and doing what it’s doing is really our doing, so it’s an organic cleanse. It’s produced by us and it brings us back into balance. It’s threatening only to our sense of self.”
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Podcast Transcript

A Different Perspective on COVID-19: A Life Changing Cleanse

Q: What has been occurring since just prior to the COVID-19 situation is that I actually have another life. This other life is nothing like me – what I’ve known of me. It’s like a life of me that is in another world, but that other world is actually here. It felt like there was another life was growing outside of my control.

John: Outside of the control of anything that you’re familiar with.

Q: Everything on the surface is no longer what it used to be.

John: Your whole perception of reality, others, the surface, is becoming other. It’s changing because you are turning into something that is other than your self.

Q: It’s so different than anything I’m familiar with. It has to do with the movement and the communication that is related to that other life. That other life of me is wanting to expound the communication and the movement. It wants to have more life.

John: I am languaging directly with this other in you. All there really is is this other. I’m not with anything else in you, and that really does something to this other in you, this other in you that is a direct infusion of ‘other-than’ kind of life.

Q: It feels like I’m not doing anything. This just is.

John: It is because you, awareness, are given to it. Without you given to this other within, this other within has no life.

Q: You are something like food to this other.

John: I am really only here for this other, and there in you: here and there anywhere. I’m not really here for anything else.

Q: In the context of this other world, here in this world, this earthly existence becomes like a pinpoint in the vastness of the other.

John: Yes.

Q: From the perspective of this other life, what is happening now most poignantly represented by the COVID-19 situation, it’s as if I have this other set of eyes that sees beneath it. It is like there are certain seeds that can only be germinated in the midst of an intense fire. It’s creating the perfect conditions for the balance between the seen and the unseen.

John: The greatest condition, external condition for this other to thrive in and to be drawn from is a planetary cleanse. This virus coming up in the way that it is, and doing what it’s doing, is really our doing. So it’s an organic cleanse. It’s produced by us and it brings us back into balance. It offers a balancing. It’s threatening only to our sense of self.

When we are not adhering to our sense of self, then in a circumstance such as what we are in in this world now with the virus, it comes very close to us to be cleansed of our sense of self because of just quieting within, being gentled within, in the midst of such a threat to our selves.

That offers a lot of space to this other in you, a level of you that is so deep within that you in your self are not able to relate to this level of you. But because of your direct knowledge of this level of you that you’re awakening to and your response to it, you’re starting to turn, which is changing your thinking, your feeling, your seeing, and your in-life perspective of everything and everyone.

Q: There’s a part of me that would ask what I can do.

John: There’s something you can do. You can be completely taken over by this way other level of you, within, so that your self, your person, your whole sense of you, is subsumed by this very other level of you. That doesn’t take place without you being this other level of you.

Everything that addresses your self, your life, your nervous system, provokes you being even more given over to this other you, this other in you – this far, far deeper level of you. Everything that occurs to your self brings up this other you. In that way, life is food for this other level of you. The more that life happens, the more you are turning into this other.

When you are oriented to this much deeper level of you than anything that you can relate to in your self, as you awareness are oriented to this deepest level of you, everything in life, everything that occurs in your life, serves you, this other you. Whatever level of you you are oriented to, whether it’s a personality orientation, a self orientation, a heart orientation, a being orientation, or a very other, deeper within than even being orientation, life – your life, all life – serves. The universe serves, helps, whatever it is you are oriented to. Your brain is in service to your orientation, whether that orientation is real and true or illusory and false: it doesn’t make a difference. What is in service to you is unconditioned.

You’re moving through a fundamental shift in orientation as awareness. Your experience of that is that life is addressing something very other in you. That’s a secondary result of a primary shift. The first result is that you are not your self anymore. You are no longer the individual you thought you were. All of that washes away. The understanding of it remains, but the actual relationship to it ends. You are something other. It moves as sameness and by sameness. It doesn’t move by differences. And it doesn’t require thought or emotion, will or feeling for it to move, for it to language, for it to communicate. It is its own language. It’s extremely other.

You can see it in a newborn baby’s eyes. When you look into the eyes of a newborn baby, you don’t see a self. You don’t see a person. You don’t see something that’s human. When you’re really into what’s there in the eyes of a newborn, you can’t relate to your self. You can’t relate to your life. You’re relating to something that is alien to your self and your life. What you are relating as is no longer human; what you’re relating as is a being. Being that is going to fill your humanness by virtue of a being, present in a body, in a self.

This brings you into being what you are after you’ve died but while you live. It’s a quality of life that you come into that isn’t of your self or of this world; it’s of your innermost. Freed, unconditionally, into your self, into your life, it alchemizes the whole of your self and your life: an everlasting quality of life, the quality of life that all life comes from, that death does not remove, but rather, death shines upon.

The cleanse offers the seeing of that, and more will come. In that way, more help is coming.

Q: And also more pressure.

John: For the sense of self, yes.

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