John de Ruiter Podcast 381

John de Ruiter Podcast 381

The Nature of Pure Awareness

When: April 1, 2020 @ 12:00pm
A question about awareness in the midst of the littlest things gives rise to a teaching on the adaptability of pure awareness, and how, in the midst of any circumstances, it moves from the inside out as love.
“When you are being awareness pure, you move from the inside out without restriction. You move, in the midst of anything, as love. All may suffer and fail, and you move as love.”
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Podcast Transcript

The Nature of Pure Awareness

John: Hello.

Q: Hi, John. It’s good to see you. Would you say that the littlest, being with the littlest, is almost the same as relaxed awareness in the middle of everything?

John: No. You being the least in all of the littlest things is you, awareness, relaxed.

Q: Okay, yes.

John: You being the least is you, awareness, relaxed. You being the least in the littlest of things is you, awareness, relaxed, in the midst of density.

Q: And me being awareness relaxed, another way of saying that is nobody aware and nothing aware?

John: That it is just you, awareness, without what is yours. You, awareness, without your personality, without your self, and ultimately even without your being. But at very least, you, awareness, without your personality, without your life, without your self. That puts you, awareness, in your heart, and then deeper.

The nature of pure awareness, pure you, is absolute adaptability. When you begin even a little to identify with your form, you restrict in your adaptability. You’re being less adaptable, and you’re being conditioned by the nature of form, but the nature of the outermost of form. As you gravitate to form, you lose your inherent adaptability. You become restricted to your experience of form. You lose your real mobility.

Pure awareness is absolute adaptability. It knows no restriction. It knows no narrowing, even in the tightest, densest, hardest experience. That’s where pure awareness shines the most, actually reveals the most. That’s where pure awareness manifests its absolute adaptability to the truth within, right there, in the densest of form.

The way that that manifests in form, the way that manifests in your self, is that from the inside out your movement in your self and in the world is beautifully adaptable; that you’re able, from the inside out, to adapt to any condition instead of restricting to a held form because of a change of circumstance or a change to that form, fearing loss instead of, from the inside out, instantly changing, instantly adapting, which draws from the depth of what you really are. The focus isn’t being an adaptable self. It’s that you, pure awareness, are absolute adaptability to any level of truth.

Manifested in your self, in this world, is that you are at home in the midst of anything. You don’t lose your inner mobility. You don’t lose manifesting your inner ability because of a change in circumstance, because of a change in someone else’s behaviour, because of change in this world.

When you are being awareness pure, from the inside out, you move from the inside out without restriction. You move, in the midst of anything, as love.

All may suffer and fail, and you move as love.

Q: Can it be that I have known this for quite some time, but my self has sort of discarded it as not being important?

John: What you don’t live, you’ll cover with your projected value of form. What you don’t live, you’ll be going to. What you don’t live, you lose your sight in. You lose your real presence in.

Q: So the question is to live it in every circumstance, in every moment.

John: That’s love.

Q: I know this, and my self has very often interrupted and told me “Is that all there is? There must be something more, there must be something higher, there must be something bigger.” And I’ve been fooled by it.

John: The greater is in the lesser. As soon as you are in the lesser, your self is melting.

The value of your individuality is melting. Individuality aware, returning to beingness aware: love.

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